Sponsorship named for PBS health series

Nov. 2, 2005
Tom's of Maine will sponsor a new season of "Healthy Body Healthy Mind" oral and systemic health program.

Tom's of Maine co-founder and CEO Tom Chappell has announced the company's sponsorship of a new season of the PBS series "Healthy Body Healthy Mind," including an important new segment on the link between oral and systemic health.

Chappell was joined at the announcement by dental health episode host Dr. Ray Williams, the Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Periodontology at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry and Dr. Kerry Maguire, Tom's of Maine's Director of Professional Advocacy.

Chappell announced the sponsorship saying, "Tom's of Maine is pleased to
take a leading role in bringing the latest science on oral-systemic health to
consumers all over the country through the award winning Healthy Body
Healthy Mind PBS television series. We look forward to working with our
dental professional partners and retail customers to share the program and its message with as many people as we can in dental offices and stores across the country."

Dr. Williams also expressed enthusiasm for the program stating, "New research confirms what dental professionals have known all along: oral health affects overall health. It was an honor to host the new Oral Health segment of Health Body, Healthy Mind and to bring emerging information about key connections between periodontal disease and systemic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and pregnancy to PBS viewers. As dental research progresses, a clearer view will emerge of how oral health and overall health are related and the influence of oral health on a person's overall physical wellbeing."

Dr. Kerry Maguire also focused on the benefit of good information for
patients, adding "As a dentist and teacher, I know that the best patients are
those who are the best informed. Tom's of Maine is pleased to make current
oral health research available through this program to help patients and their health professionals make good health decisions together."

The award winning Healthy Body, Healthy Mind series explores today's latest
medical progress in health and wellness issues. Developed through the real life experiences of physicians and their patients, this series combines scientific and clinical data with poignant storytelling, to deliver the best information to viewers.

The Dental Health episode examines the connection between gum disease and cardiovascular diseases, and other conditions including pre-term labor and delivery.

To see when Dental Health and other episodes of Healthy Body Healthy Mind
will air on your local PBS channel, visit: www.tomsofmaine.org.