Attitude counts

Feb. 23, 2007
What do dentists look for in a potential employee

When asked about the number-one criteria a dentist looks for in a potential employee, inevitably the answer is someone with a good attitude. Tasks can be taught or skills adapted, but someone who comes to work and acts like he or she is happy to be there will (hands down) get and keep the job almost every time.

The second most common answer dentists give is someone with a neat and clean appearance. This may seem to go without saying, but we do hear about people going into dental offices for jobs or interviews with dirty, stained, or discolored uniforms. Or worse, they go to interviews with bellies showing and wearing very short skirts and/or low tops. Another negative appearance in dental offices is facial piercing.

A third important characteristic that a dentist looks for in a reference check is someone who is reliable. There is little worse than an undependable employee. A habit of coming in late or calling in sick will follow you from job to job. Never forget: the dental community is a very small village ¿

Diane Zack (Seigal), RDH, is the owner and president of RDH Temps, Inc., New England's oldest and largest dental personnel placement agency (founded in 1980). The company places temporary and permanent dental hygienists, receptionists, assistants, and dentists in Mass., Conn., N.H., and R.I. A graduate of Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists, Diane received the Esther Wilkins Distinguished Alumni Award in 2006. She is a past president of the Massachusetts Dental Hygienists' Association and serves on a number of committees for the Massachusetts Dental Society.