Dental Button

May 24, 2011
Product helps dental patients have less anxiety.

A product called The Dental Button is giving patients the power to relieve dental anxiety by stopping a dentist’s drill.

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Inventor Dr. Michael Edwards based the concept for this product on 30-year old research that led to patient-controlled analgesics (morphine pump) in the medical field. The study found patients are willing to tolerate more discomfort if they know they have the power to stop it.

Simply put, less anxiety means less perceived pain. Working on more relaxed patients actually shortens procedure times and increases productivity. That’s a win for the patient and dentist.

Dentists worldwide who offer The Dental Button have experienced, on average, a 15% increase in business. It’s a powerful marketing tool that also helps result in:

*More relaxed patients -- “It is unbelievable how much the patients love to hold that button and be in control. My scared patients think it’s the best invention ever.” -- Dr. Mark Morin, Detroit
*Less anxiety for themselves -- “Consistently patients have said, ‘The power of control is amazing.’ And personally, I’m more at ease because I’m not anticipating any fidgeting or hand raising.” -- Dr. Kim Daxon, Dawson Academy Professor and International Center for Complete Dentistry, St. Petersburg, Fla.
*An advantage over the competition --“The Dental Button is definitely the next piece of the puzzle in separating your practice from the one down the street .... Finally, a unique product that really works!” -- Dr. Mark Levy, Gahanna, Ohio
*A “game changer” -- “The Dental Button is truly one of those things that once you've used it, you wouldn't want to go back!" – Dr. Mike Gow, Berkeley Dental Fears Clinic, Glasgow

Though it’s still new to the market, The Dental Button is offered in practices across the U.S. and the U.K. Henry Schein is the exclusive global distributor of The Dental Button.

For more information, visit or call (800) 418-3310.

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