Loma Linda University School of Dentistry offers support to Smiles Against Hate

Aug. 30, 2002
Dental school to hold Sept. 11 fundraiser in the effort to prevent hate crimes

Smiles Against Hate, a nonprofit organization committed to preventing hate crimes and providing public diversity education, has been notified that Loma Linda University (Calif.) will dedicate Sept. 11 to a tooth-whitening fundraiser for Smiles Against Hate.

"I recently found myself thinking about what the School of Dentistry might do on Sept. 11," said Dr. Charles J. Goodacre, dean of Loma Linda's School of Dentistry. "The tragedy of Sept. 11 happened as a result of many bizarre thought processes including hate. Loma Linda University School of Dentistry will be partnering with Smiles Against Hate to do something special this Sept. 11 that will focus on smiles rather than hate. We will be providing tooth-whitening on that date at one-half the regular dental school fee and the money collected will be donated to the Smiles Against Hate organization."

The full text of Dr. Goodacre's letter and information about the Sept. 11 project are available on the Smiles Against Hate Web site at www.smilesagainsthate.org/LomaLinda.htm.