NYU College of Dentistry to eliminate two-year advanced placement program

Dec. 14, 2001
Goal is to give all students access to the same experience

Dr. Michael C. Alfano, dean of the NYU College of Dentistry, has announced the elimination of the College's two-year advanced placement program, effective Sept. 1, 2002. The program allows graduates of international dental schools who seek to practice in the United States the opportunity to earn a dental degree in two years, rather than in the traditional four-year period. NYU will continue to offer a three-year advanced placement program.

"The primary factor influencing our decision was the introduction of a new competency- and clinical case-based curriculum," Dean Alfano said. "There has been a dramatic change in the way dentistry is learned at the NYU College of Dentistry, and we concluded that international students who missed the first two years would be at a significant disadvantage negotiating the new curriculum."

Previously, an individual who had successfully completed a four-year program leading to a dental degree from an international dental school could enroll in the two-year DDS program after passing Parts I and II of the National Board Exam and a comprehensive "challenge exam," which determined an applicant's level of proficiency in preclinical and clinical dentistry.