3M ESPE Introduces 2002 Dental Hygiene Advisory Panel

Sept. 9, 2002
Panel will work with 3M ESPE to improve the practice of dental hygiene.

3M ESPE has named its 2002 Dental Hygiene Advisory Panel, a group of hygienists from across the country that work with 3M ESPE to improve the practice of dental hygiene.

"The dedication of these individuals to their profession is inspiring," said Ellen Neuenfeldt, professional relations manager, 3M ESPE. "From current members to panel alumni, each person involved with this group has brought something special to her fellow hygienists."

The second year of the panel brings new members including: Kimberly Nimmons, RDH, Smyrna, Ga.; Karen Robinson, RDH, Denver; Jane Townsend, RDH, BS, Hilton Head, S.C.; and, Debra Mills, RDH, Melville, N.Y.

Members continuing their second year on the panel include: Amy Nieves, RDH, Henderson, Nev.; Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH, Sun Prairie, Wis.; Kendra Haynes, RDH, BS, Omaha, Neb.; Kelly Kennedy, RDH, Los Angeles; Yvette Walker, RDH, Rockford, Ill.; and, Karen Kaiser, RDH, Waterloo, Ill.

"3M ESPE is very fortunate to be assisted by a group of such talented professionals to address the needs of the hygiene community," continued Neuenfeldt. "We're excited to welcome our new members, as well as our continuing panelists. And, of course, we can't thank the panel alumni enough for their continued support."

Dental Hygiene Advisory Panel Alumni include: Arlene Cates, RDH, Duluth, Ga.; Joyce Smallcomb, RDH, W. Newton, Mass.; Tracy Hooker, RDH, New Braunfels, Texas; Linda Swarts, RDH, BHS, Jacksonville, N.C.; and, Rachelle Anne O'Brien, RDH, Bay City, Mich.

Started in 2001, this panel is comprised of 10 dental hygienists from across the United States, all selected for the varied dental hygiene practice experiences they bring to the group. The panel meets annually, with the next meeting set for Sept. 26-29 in Las Vegas. Panel members are responsible for working with 3M ESPE in the following areas: product research, idea generation and discussion of dental hygiene practice trends.