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New management, facilities, markets, and humanitarian outreach continue momentum for 2012.

OREM, Utah—Aribex, a leader in handheld X-ray technologies and manufacturer of the NOMAD Pro handheld X-ray system, has announced 2011 achievements as well as plans for continued corporate and market expansion in 2012.

“We feel fortunate that Aribex has been a recession-proof business with double-digit annual revenue growth almost since inception,” said Ken Kaufman, president and chief financial officer of Aribex. “In 2011, revenue grew in excess of 30% and the company became debt-free.”

The Aribex Board of Directors appointed Kaufman to his leadership role, as well as a position on the Board in September 2011. He partners with D. Clark Turner, PhD, chairman and CEO, to continue the development and growth of Aribex.

Turner, founder of Aribex, was awarded the Utah Governor’s Medal for Science and Technology in January 2011. The award recognized Turner’s development of the company’s flagship product, the Aribex NOMAD handheld X-ray system. In 2011, the internationally known Edison Best New Product Awards also honored Aribex with the Silver Award for the NOMAD device.

Even in a challenged economy, Kaufman attributes strong growth to the company’s quality products and the Aribex team that has worked hard to make it happen. With an emphasis on improving safety, access to care, and the patient/clinician experience, regulators have realized that the importance of the handheld X-ray.

“As they should be, radiological devices are subject to significant regulation and concern for safety,” said Kaufman. “Safety is our No. 1 priority, and we’re proud that more than 30 independent studies and evaluations have validated our position by attesting to the safety and efficacy of our products. While these evaluations have made it possible for us to gain additional regulatory approvals worldwide, we call on reluctant regulators to consider the overwhelming evidence that our handheld X-ray is safe.”

Unlike the bulky wall-mount and portable systems in use, the NOMAD X-ray system is lightweight, rechargeable, and mobile. In October 2011, the company shipped its 8,000th NOMAD device. Aribex looks forward to celebrating its 10,000th unit in service in 2012, along with the launch of several new initiatives.

Aribex invests in H2O TECH

“We’ll add new accessories to our current products while we continue to make steady progress on new technologies for future products,” said Kaufman. “We’re in the process of expanding our office space, and we’ve also begun the early planning stages of a new building in Utah County that will integrate technology and functionality to strengthen our systems and operations, enhance our capabilities, and facilitate our growth.”

“Aribex was built on innovation, courage, hard work and humanitarian service,” he added. “These founding ideals will power our growth in existing markets and expansion into new international markets in 2012.”

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