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Weekly Top 5: TikTok teeth, huddle tips, COVID-19 boosters, and more

July 1, 2021

Each week, we'll feature a top 5 roundup of quick tips, links, and tools to enlighten (or lighten up) your work week. This week, learn about the viral dental trend your patients should not be doing.

1. Magic erasers: It’s hard to know how long it’s been going on, but recently there have been TikTokers and people elsewhere using melamine sponges—Magic Erasers—to whiten their teeth. If it’s something your patients mention, or that you suspect, let them know that melamine is formaldehyde and using Magic Erasers for oral care can cause damage (and just isn’t a good idea).

2. Patient resource: Speaking of patients, yours could benefit greatly from this resource by Amanda Hill, RDH, in which she explains how and why sitting in her chair is never “just a cleaning.”

3. Huddle up! Done right, your morning huddle can boost morale, create excitement, and get everyone on the same page. Check these three easy tips for a successful huddle.

4. Personal and professional wellness: Many busy professionals find it challenging to plan and prepare healthful meals, much less sit down and eat them during the workday. But Tom Viola, RPh, explains why you might be putting yourself at risk with that too-quick desk lunch.

5. Dentists and COVID boosters: While the jury’s still out on if and when COVID-19 booster shots will be needed, a recent survey by CareQuest indicated that dental providers can play a key role, with many dentists indicating interest in administering the vaccine and/or subsequent booster shot.