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Weekly Top 5: Delta 'as contagious as chickenpox,' but UK trend lends hope

July 30, 2021
It's no secret that delta's on the rise, but other countries' trends may give hope. Plus, do patients understand the link between their oral and mental health?

In the news: A CDC report now describes the delta variant as being as contagious as chickenpox and more severe than other variants. Many health officials are bracing for a fall surge, but “a very clear trend down” in delta cases in the UK lends hope that the worst of the predictions for the US might not come to pass.

Patient perspective: The relationship between dental and mental health is being considered all the time, especially during a high-stress time like the pandemic. Stress, anxiety, and depression all take a toll on oral health—here’s a patient-perspective look on the potential impact of each.

Personal and professional wellness: Who couldn’t use a work reset from time to time—and a “reminder that you’re human, you can’t accomplish it all, and what you do IS important”? Enjoy this perspective by Dr. Stacey Gividen, who shares the story of a patient, dentures, and roses.

Patient resource: Dental professionals know periodontitis has many causes, but patients are frequently shocked at the diagnosis. “10 causes of periodontitis that go beyond oral hygiene” can help them gain a better understanding.

ICYMI: Following OSHA's June ruling that exempts most dental practices from new COVID-19 workplace regulations, the ADA recently commended the agency for taking a “deliberative and highly collaborative" approach. Read the update.