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Sinking their teeth into restorative dentistry automation

July 12, 2022
Glidewell Dental partners with Beckhoff to use flexible, scalable automation to customize its prosthetic tooth factory.

For Glidewell Dental, producing tens of thousands of patient-specific devices such as such as crowns, bridges or dentures each week requires intensive engineering efforts. Glidewell’s investments in automation and cloud-connected systems, particularly in its factory for BruxZir Zirconia restorations, allows the company to maintain its industry-leading market share.

Flexible automation provides a decisive advantage in an industry that still relies heavily on skilled artisans using time-consuming manual processes: Dentists either mail impressions of a patient’s oral anatomy to Glidewell or scan and upload 3D digital impression images to the company’s proprietary MRP digital platform, CloudPoint, built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. A proprietary AI technology then generates a custom prosthetic design to match the impression and turns the CAD file of each patient-specific restoration into a unique project.

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