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In brief: Antibiotics guidelines "should be revisited"; the rise of DIY dentistry

Oct. 25, 2022
Learn about the rise of #DIYdentist (the hashtag and the practice), government action taken against e-cigarette manufacturers, research presented on antibiotics in dental settings, and more.
Elizabeth S. Leaver, Digital content manager

Antibiotics in dentistry: “Guidelines should be revisited”

Dentists are the third highest prescribers of antibiotics in the outpatient setting, and, according to research presented at a recent conference, such prescribing requires updated guidelines and patient management strategies. Research conducted from January to December 2021 and presented at the recent IDWeek conference identified some 14,381 dental clinic encounters, 16% of which resulted in one or more antibiotic prescriptions for a total of 2788 prescriptions.

The rise of #DIYdentist—the hashtag and the practice

The TikTok hashtag #DIYdentist has 2.6 million views, and professionals, of course, agree that DIY dentistry is a bad idea. But what’s driving the trend—the high cost of dental treatment, the lure of instantly changed smiles, or something else? Kaiser Health News takes a deep look at TikTok dental trends.

FDA, DOJ take action against e-cigarette manufacturers

In an action that represents “a significant step for the FDA in preventing tobacco product manufacturers from violating the law,” the US Department of Justice has filed for permanent injunctions against six e-cigarette manufacturers on behalf of the FDA. Earlier in October, the FDA issued warning letters to two brands for “receiving and delivering e-cigarettes” without a marketing authorization order and also issued marketing denial orders for 32 premarket tobacco applications.

Survey: US parents practicing “diligent” oral home care

Findings shared from a recent survey indicate that US parents are doing their part to practice diligent oral home care. The 2022 State of America’s Oral Health and Wellness report by Delta Dental indicates that, of more than 2,000 adults and parents of children ages 12 and younger, some 79% of parents believe fluoride is very, if not extremely, important to their child's oral health and prevents cavities, and that 93% of parents change their children's toothbrushes regularly, among other findings.

Study on low-level laser therapy in dentistry

In periodontics, low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has gained prominence for several applications, including wound healing and pain relief after non-surgical and surgical procedures, with a recent study on the practice indicating it can provide patients with a wide range of therapeutic advantages, including faster wound healing and pain alleviation, but that “there is still much to learn about the mechanisms.”

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