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Smile Direct Club Bankruptcy

In brief: SmileDirectClub files for bankruptcy

Oct. 3, 2023
Learn about the online orthodontics company SmileDirectClub's recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing; 5 things this dentist says she would never do; and more.
Elizabeth S. Leaver, Digital content manager

SmileDirectClub files for bankruptcy

Following years of losses, poor sales for aligners, and nearly $850 million in long-term debt, the online orthodontics company SmileDirectClub filed for voluntary protection under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code on September 29, according to Yahoo Finance. As part of a restructuring, the company’s founders plan to invest at least $20 million and maintain normal operations; SmileDirectClub believes the restructuring process will be "brief."

5 things this dentist would never do

Top among this dentist’s advice to patients: don't skip flossing. Not flossing is “like taking a shower without any soap. It’s impossible to keep bacteria at bay without flossing,” Dr. Sharon Huang told Today, adding that, “The No. 1 thing you can do to reduce your risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes and other inflammation related disease is to floss daily.”

Study shows prevalance of dental issues with Medicare beneficiaries

A study of some 2.3 million Medicare beneficiaries in nursing homes showed a “considerable prevalence” of dental problems, as well as disparities between certain groups of patients. The six most prevalent dental issues noted were no natural teeth or tooth fragments; cavities or broken natural teeth; pain or difficulty chewing; broken or loosely fitting dentures; inflamed or bleeding gums or loose teeth; and abnormal mouth tissue. Researchers said they observed significant disparities in the prevalence of dental problems across various demographic and clinical groups; for example, Medicare beneficiaries in rural nursing homes were more likely to experience issues than their urban counterparts.

ICYMI: New early-stage OC detection test for dental professionals

A first-of-its-kind early-stage oral cancer detection test for dental professionals could offer an “unprecedented level of actionable insight into their patients' health.” Viome Life Sciences has released the Oral Health Pro with CancerDetect, a device that, according to Viome, uses proprietary RNA sequencing technology to measure gene expression of the oral microbiome and human cells in each patient’s saliva to identify early biomarkers associated with oral and throat cancer.