New KODAK digital intraoral radiography system provides more affordable alternative for dental practices

Sept. 12, 2005
The RVG 5000 System complements Kodak's existing digital products family and provides high-quality diagnostic images at an economical price.

Dental professionals in the United States and Canada now have a new choice in digital radiography technology from Kodak. To broaden its digital imaging product portfolio, which includes a full range of intraoral and extraoral digital radiography solutions, Kodak is introducing the KODAK RVG 5000 Digital Radiography System. The RVG 5000 System complements Kodak's existing digital products family and provides high-quality diagnostic images at an economical price. The RVG 5000 System -- which is currently marketed and sold with great success in Europe and across the globe -- features a user-friendly interface and is fully integrated with KODAK practice management software for seamless digital imaging workflows.

"Due to increased market demand and growth of digital technology, we are pleased to offer the RVG 5000 System as an additional option to dental practices in North America," said Paul Tucker, dental market manager, Kodak's dental systems group. "The RVG 5000 System can be purchased separately or bundled with other options, creating a more affordable digital radiography solution. It is an alternative option to our premier KODAK RVG 6000 Digital Radiography System that comes complete with everything dental professionals may need to optimize digital radiography in their practices."

The RVG 5000 System captures images at a resolution of 14 line pairs per millimeter, one of the highest resolution intraoral radiography systems available in the industry. Incorporating innovative KODAK sensor technology, the RVG 5000 System combines the best attributes of CCD and CMOS sensors in a single component, allowing for the capture of high-quality radiographs at exceptional speed. It features excellent contrast perceptibility to support high standards of diagnostics and patient care. The RVG 5000 System includes both size 1 and size 2 sensors and comes complete with a full set of RINN® XCP-DS positioners for simple and accurate positioning.

The RVG 5000 System's USB 2.0 inline sensor remote control makes image capture simple and seamless¿right from chairside. Images are captured and displayed in seconds, minimizing wait time and enhancing patient communication. The system comes with KODAK digital imaging software to support basic capture and management functionality, as well as more advanced image optimization, retrieval and storage capabilities.

The RVG 5000 System integrates with the RVG 6000 System for added flexibility and ease of use. With resolution greater than 20 line pairs per millimeter, the RVG 6000 System delivers the highest resolution digital x-rays in the industry today. And, like the RVG 6000 System, the RVG 5000 System is fully backed by Kodak's comprehensive customer support programs.

For more information about the RVG 5000 System, call Kodak at (800) 944-6365, visit or contact your regional KODAK products representative.