BIOLASE's New Patents Further Strengthen Waterlase Technology

Oct. 25, 2001
Patents mean continued growth for industry leader.

BIOLASE Technology, Inc.(Nasdaq: BLTI), announced it has obtained two new patents that further strengthen the technological advantages of its Waterlase technology. The new patents include one issued in the U.S. protecting unique aspects of the Waterlase and the other in Canada protecting the use of any suitable laser wavelength for treating bone and tooth tissue.

The new U.S. apparatus patent is related to BIOLASE's Waterlase technology and has specific claims that define specific parameters that allow for precise and effective tissue cutting. This patent has a priority date of 1995 and contains 82 claims, of which three are independent.

The Canadian patent is based on Waterlase's ability for treating bone and tooth tissue. This patent has a priority date of 1990 and is very broad with claims not limited to specific wavelengths. This is BIOLASE's second patent granted in Canada -- the first was related to the same technology using lasers with water with claims specific to certain laser wavelengths.

Ioana Riziou, vice president of Clinical Development, commented, "Both of these patents are very strong and, in conjunction with our growing patent portfolio, will provide continuing legal protection for our Waterlase technology. We will continue to fortify and expand our patent position to protect our unique and revolutionary technology as we develop new applications and our markets expand throughout the world."

Jeffrey W. Jones, CEO and president, commented, "BIOLASE is in a unique position -- we have become the industry leader in a market with very significant growth potential. Moreover, we have the strongest patents in the dental laser industry and we have a unique technology with important advantages that allows us to sell our products at higher prices than competitors. These new patents give us additional tools to strengthen ourposition as we continue our aggressive growth."

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