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Further university testing confirms strength of Activa bioactive restorative compares with leading composites

July 20, 2015
A study conducted at the University of Alabama concludes that the wear resistance of Activa bioactive-restorative (Pulpdent Corporation) is comparable to clinically successful composite resin restorative materials. In vitro testing compared Activa with Filtek Supreme Ultra and Tetric Evo Ceram. Results were presented at the International Association for Dental Research (IARD) meeting in 2015. Activa bioactive products are the first esthetic bioactive restoratives and base/liners that deliver all the advantages of glass ionomers in a strong, resilient, bioactive resin matrix that resists fracture, chipping, and crumbling. Activa is more durable and fracture resistant than composites, chemically bonds to teeth, and releases more calcium, phosphate, and fluoride than glass ionomers.

Activa contains a bioactive resin matrix, a shock absorbing rubberized resin component, and bioactive glass fillers that mimic the physical and chemical properties of natural teeth.

Activa contains no Bisphenol A, No Bis-GMA and no BPA derivatives.

Activa bioactive-restorative and base/liner are two-part, light cure, and self-cure materials packaged in 5mL, double barrel, automix syringes. The restorative is available in A1, A2, A3, and A3.5 shades, and the base/liner is dentin shade.

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University testing confirms strength of Activa bioactive-restorative compares with leading composites