The newly designed Task Vision waterproof loupe and LED clip-on headlight

Oct. 22, 2013
Vision USA a Dentrex company: All new loupes are dust–resistant and waterproof to ensure ease of cleaning & disinfecting. The Task Vision Platinum Frame includes side shield and are Rx-able. The waterproof loupe is fully adjustable and available in 2.5x or 3.5x. The clip on LED headlight has a variable intensity control ( 0-100% ) 50,000 LUX. This system will not break the bank at $699. For more information, call 800-257-5782 or 856-795-6199 and visit www.visionusasupplies.com ______________________________________________________________Check out these other product articles:NSK Dental launches dentistry's most powerful 45-degree air-driven handpieceX-Runner: World's first all tissue ablative laser scanning handpiece for dentistryThe New Soniclean Pro Series from Brush Buddies ______________________________________________________________