The Academy of Laser Dentistry Revamps Web Site

May 20, 2002
User-friendly service designed to help patients find dentists who utilize lasers.

The Academy of Laser Dentistry recently redesigned its web site to make it easier for patients to find information on dental lasers, including a free service to help them locate a dentist who uses lasers.

Patients can now go to the Academy's web site,, and click on a "find a dentist" button to
search an extensive state-by-state listing. The US listing currently
includes nearly 500 dentists in 45 different states. An international
listing features nearly 150 dentists located in 24 different

"Up until now, there has been no central directory designed to
help dental patients seeking laser treatment," noted Gail Siminovsky, executive director for the Academy. "Every week the Academy receives calls from patients who have heard about dental lasers but can't find a local dental office that uses the technology."

The newly revamped site features separate areas for patients,
dental professionals, the news media and Academy members. The patient area will offer extensive educational information regarding the role that lasers now play in dentistry.

Several different kinds of lasers are currently used in dentistry
for a variety of different procedures, Siminovsky noted. Some lasers are used in place of the drill to treat cavities while others are used in place of the scalpel to treat the gums and other soft tissues. Still other lasers are used in conjunction with gels or solutions to whiten teeth in a single appointment.

"Comfort is one of the biggest reasons patients are attracted to
dental lasers," Siminovsky said. "In many cases, laser procedures can be performed without anesthetic injections and there is usually much less need for pain medication following treatment."

When the laser is used in place of a scalpel, there is little or
no bleeding and therefore less need for sutures, Siminovsky explained. The laser also destroys bacteria as it works, lowering the risk of infection.

Officially incorporated in 1993, the Academy of Laser Dentistry is
devoted to clinical education, research and the development of
standards and guidelines for the safe and effective use of dental
lasers technology. Its world-wide membership includes top clinicians, academicians and researchers in all laser wavelengths.

Through its certification programs, it promotes high standards for knowledge, technical proficiency and patient care.

For more information, contact the Academy at 1-877-LASERS6
(1-877-527-3776) or visit the Academy's web site,