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Looking for a few good dentists

Dec. 13, 2011
Dr. Larry Emmott describes the idea of the American World Clinics (AWC) and how a fabulous opportunity awaits dentists and prospective patients.
By Larry Emmott, DDSMy partner was treating a patient who had recently immigrated to Arizona from Ireland. She was a lawyer in her late twenties, eager to get on in the United States. She was cute, had a bubbly fun personality, a lovely Irish accent, and an unfortunate smile. As seems all too common with patients from the UK, she had crooked, malaligned front teeth with discolorations and oversized restorations. She was a prime candidate for some cosmetic dentistry and my partner presented her with a treatment plan for 10 maxillary veneers complete with cosmetic imaging photos showing her how her new smile might look along with a hefty price tag.She sat in the chair for several minutes looking at the beautiful smile she could have along with the hefty price tag. Finally she said in her lovely Irish brogue, “Now I get it, back home we thought all Yanks were born with perfect teeth, but now I see that they just buy them.”Of course all “Yanks” aren’t born with perfect teeth, but we are fortunate enough to have access to a level of dental care and esthetic excellence that is the envy of the rest of the world. All it takes is money.However, in many parts of the world excellent esthetic dental care is simply not available at any price. Even in the U.S. and other well-developed countries the high cost of excellence is a barrier to many people who would love to have a more pleasing smile.What if you could export American quality of care and combine it with a developing world cost platform in a desirable resort destination? You could offer patients a fabulous vacation experience, the opportunity to receive high-quality dental care delivered by U.S. trained professionals for less than the treatment would cost in most U.S. cities. This is such a good idea it has already been launched as American World Clinics (AWC).The first AWC facility includes both a dental clinic and an American style surgical hospital on 21 acres in Barbados. The AWC-Barbados facility is scheduled to open late in 2013. There are many reasons that Barbados is a good choice; the project is well under way and has the strong support of the government of Barbados.At this time the AWC founders are looking for qualified physicians and dentists to staff the clinic. They do not expect successful high-quality professionals to simply abandon their U.S. practices and move to the Caribbean. The plan is for participating professionals to agree to work for one month per year in Barbados while maintaining their U.S. practice back home. For those who want to spend more time or go full time with AWC, those options are available as well. For more information, check out the AWC website.
Dr. Larry Emmott is the leading authority on dental high tech, and one of the most entertaining speakers in dentistry. He is also a writer and consultant. To find out about his high-tech training programs, technology guides, and other services, call (602) 791-7071 or visit