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Dexis debuts imaging software for Mac at CDA in San Francisco

Sept. 4, 2014
Dexis releases Mac-based dental imaging software at the CDA.
Dexis, an industry leader and the manufacturer of the highly awarded digital X-ray system, has released its Mac-based dental imaging software at the CDA, thereby expanding its suite of imaging products.

Dexis is proud to announce the full launch of Dexis Mac software, which is 100% Mac-oriented to combine the true functionality of Apple products with the functionality of the renowned Dexis imaging system. To better serve Mac users, this new software combines the tried-and-true Dexis workflow with a native Mac platform. Dexis Mac is compatible with the award-winning single-sized Dexis Platinum sensor, which provides images of remarkable quality and efficient workflow.

Dexis Mac is easy-to-use, intuitive, and streamlined. The quad-view and quad-control custom interface offers fewer and more meaningful buttons in logical groupings and functions. While navigating through the screens, only those options that are pertinent for that given function are visible.

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The streamlined workflow of the Dexis imaging suite and its reliable tools are also integral to Dexis Mac. The features of the new format are context-sensitive actions and an optimized viewing experience. Users can switch between mouth and history views, and all images for the tooth can be seen through the cascading images feature that is unique to this Dexis platform. Clinicians also have the option to compare the same tooth’s images side-by-side in order to make a more thorough diagnosis.

Dexis Mac also provides true integration with Mac-based practice management programs, Viive and MacPractice. Dexis has retained popular features, such as the Integrator, the quad-control and filtering options, and the large images that facilitate diagnosis and patient understanding. The software also provides immediate access to the Dexis go and Dexis photo apps. Clinicians can view images and diagnose on the Mac before switching to an iPad to communicate with patients about those same images for educational purposes.

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“We are very excited to bring loyal Mac users this innovative dental imaging program,”says Rick Matty, Director of Marketing for Dexis. “This native Mac software brings our highly awarded imaging technology to a Mac platform. Now, Mac-centric clinicians can now have the best of both worlds.”

If you're attending the CDA in San Francisco, visit the Dexis booth (No. 1802) for a test drive of Dexis Mac to see how it interfaces with the Dexis go and Dexis photo apps. For additional information, visit