Tips to help you save time and increase confidence with difficult dental extractions

Nov. 12, 2012
Dr. Joe Blaes, editor of Dental Economics, passes along two tricks he uses in his practice to extract broken-down teeth more easily with the use of Physics Forceps.

The Physics Forceps can be extremely beneficial to anyone’s practice. Not only can you remove even the most grossly broken-down teeth with little or no trauma to the surgical site, but patients are remarkably impressed by the ease of the procedure.

One of the tricks to using these forceps successfully is to apply very little pressure to the handles in a buccal rotation with your wrist only. You want to hold the instruments in your hand just like you would hold a glass of water. Taking out severely broken-down teeth when there is nothing to hold onto can be challenging. Physics Forceps makes the procedure simple.

Another trick to taking out these broken-down teeth is to secure a solid purchase point by using a flame-shaped diamond bur to create a trench on the lingual side of the tooth. This will ensure a good solid purchase point for the beak placement and for you to achieve a successful extraction. If you use a squeezing and pulling approach as with conventional instruments, you will likely fail. You need to change your approach and the benefits will follow — you will save time, increase predictability, and increase your confidence with difficult extractions, as well as gain many clinical benefits of performing atraumatic extractions for your patients.