Kodak revolutionizes comfort for intraoral dental x-ray film packets

March 18, 2002
Comfort is a key feature.

Comfort is a key feature of Kodak's InSight intraoral dental film due to a new design incorporating a soft resin vinyl end on film packets.
Patients who complain of sensitivity or the gag reflex during the taking of dental X-rays appreciate the "comfort edge" of SureSoft packets. The packets require no special handling or preparation, and the X-ray processes associated with Kodak InSight film remain unchanged. SureSoft packets are available for IP21, size 2, the most popular size of InSight film. Kodak introduced SureSoft with its InSight film because of the added benefit of reduced radiation dosages.
For more information, contact Kodak's Health Imaging Dental Products Group at (800) 933-8031 or visit www.kodak.com/go/dental.