PracticeWorks completes two transactions

Jan. 28, 2002
Company acquires Dicom Imaging, becomes preferred distributor for Trophy Dental

PracticeWorks, Inc. announced completion of two transactions that give it digital imaging product offerings for its more than 65,000 dental professionals. First, the company acquired the dental imaging software technology formerly owned by Dicom Imaging Systems, Inc. ("Dicom"), a leading provider of comprehensive, market proven dental imaging software. Second, the company became a preferred distributor for Trophy Dental, the inventor of the first dental digital radiography system and the leading manufacturer of dental digital radiography systems and intraoral X-ray equipment worldwide. PracticeWorks also announced that it plans to offer these products to its customers on a monthly subscription basis.

Dicom's Digital Imaging Suite of software applications includes imagExplorer, imagEditor, imageSimulator, and Whitener modules. These modules provide powerful image management, editing, annotation and treatment simulation capabilities for dentists and their staff. Dental Imaging Suite also provides a powerful communications tool that is beneficial to dentists, dental laboratories and insurance companies due to its strong functionality and ease of use. Dentists worldwide use these software products.

Trophy's patented RVG digital sensors and software make Trophy the first digital intra-oral system that has equaled or exceeded the performance of X-ray film. Trophy's system is the world leader in digital imaging, because of quality, ease of use and speed. It handles all types of digital images, ranging from RVG, intra-oral camera images, panoramic images, and scanned images, and all on the same screen.

Jim Price, PracticeWorks' President and CEO, said, "Historically, there have been two primary barriers to a dental practice's acquisition of a digital imaging system -- the quality of the X-ray image and the initial capital investment required for the system. The completion of these transactions enables PracticeWorks to help its clients overcome these barriers. With the Digital Imaging Suite for cosmetic applications and Trophy's RVG sensor for radiography, we will be providing our customers with products to achieve the highest quality digital images on the market today. Our offering of these digital imaging products on subscription-based pricing permits our customers to have access to the benefits of this technology without substantial, upfront costs. Given the advances in digital radiography and imaging, we believe the market is now ready to embrace these products. This new product suite should provide a significant growth opportunity for PracticeWorks over the coming years."