Baby tooth cell bank goes international

June 13, 2007
BioEDEN expands its operations to Europe.

BioEDEN, the world's first company to effectively harvest and store stem cells from baby teeth, has announced that it has expanded its operations to Europe with the creation of BioEDEN Limited based in Daresbury, Cheshire, England.

This expansion will allow families in the United Kingdom, and the rest of Europe, to harvest and store stem cells from their children's baby teeth, which have the potential to treat a variety of diseases and injuries ranging from spinal-cord paralysis to bone and teeth regeneration to Alzheimer's to Parkinson's to heart disease and more.

BioEDEN's U.K. state-of-the-art lab will utilize the same proprietary technology and methods used in its United States-based headquarters and will have direct access to the scientists who developed this revolutionary new process for stem cell extraction, storage and reanimation.

"Stem cell therapy has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of human disease. However, there has been strong and very powerful criticism of how stem cells are taken from the embryo or umbilical cord and this has had a massive impact in stifling progress in its development and use," said Dr. David James, BChD, CEO of BioEDEN Europe.

"We have the ability to change that as a result of our BioEDEN process which is totally non-invasive and has no risks to the mother or child, and of course give tremendous health benefits to families for many years to come."

"The expansion of BioEDEN into Europe is a big step for our company and one we feel will greatly expand the availability of stem cell banking from baby teeth and the medical science surrounding stem cell therapies," said Jeff Johnson, president of BioEDEN, Inc. "Stem cells have already been used to treat diabetes, spinal paralysis and several other diseases and every day brings us one step closer to a time when physicians will actually cure disease rather than simply treat it."

"It can be described as 'biological insurance' for your family," said Dr. David James. "It makes sense to preserve these potentially life-saving cells for a child rather than discard them. BioEDEN is committed to making alternative medicine an affordable reality to everyone, and we're very pleased to now extend this service across all of Europe."

BioEDEN's proprietary process allows its scientists to harvest and grow stem cells in its lab where they are observed to insure they are sufficient in number and are viable enough to undergo the cryogenic process. If it is determined that the cells are not viable for therapeutic use BioEDEN allows the family to send another tooth at no additional charge.