BIOLASE holds European Laser Clinical Symposium

Sept. 10, 2001
BIOLASE Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: BLTI) sponsored a European Laser Clinical Symposium in Mallorca, Spain.

BIOLASE Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: BLTI) sponsored a European Laser Clinical Symposium in Mallorca, Spain. The Symposium was held from September 7-9 and was co-sponsored by several leading European universities, including the University of Aachen (Germany), the University of Vienna (Austria), the University of Athens (Greece) and the University of Barcelona (Spain).

The symposium's main focus was on several major clinical advancements and applications for the Waterlase(TM) hard and soft tissue laser system. Participants from 20 countries and several major European universities presented new clinical findings for the Waterlase that will allow clinicians to provide better treatments in endodontics, periodontics, bone surgery, restorative dentistry, implantology and oral surgery.

Very significant advancements to dramatically improve root canal therapy using the Waterlase were presented by leading researchers from the University of Barcelona, Dr. Aranabat and Dr. Espana. They reported that the Waterlase was able to kill over 97% of the bacteria responsible for root canal infections. Their study demonstrated the Waterlase effectively disinfected root canals with a safer modality and without using chemical disinfectants. Dr. Aranabat and Dr. Espana commented, "These findings are very significant because they show the Waterlase dramatically minimizes the risk of root canal failure due to bacterial recontamination. Additionally, by not using chemical disinfectants, the risk for bone damage is eliminated and any post-operative trauma is significantly reduced."

Dr. H.J. Roos, a renowned German implantologist, reported on an innovative sinus lift surgical procedure involving both hard and soft tissue treatments with the Waterlase. Dr. Roos noted, "This procedure helps implantologists add new bone where the original bone thickness is not sufficient to support the implant. The Waterlase is a better treatment than the dental bur/drill because the laser does not damage the soft tissue membrane lining the maxillary sinus. Also, the patients that received the sinus lift treatment with the Waterlase demonstrated better post operative healing with no inflammation or discomfort."

Dr. Rolf Brian, Koln Germany, presented another important implantology procedure using the Waterlase. Dr. Brian showed implants that fail several years after placement due to infections can be successfully treated with the Waterlase. Dr. Brian stated, "I have used the Waterlase to eradicate bacterial infection causing the disease (perio-implantatis) with great success. I stress that for this disease there is no other effective treatment alternative."

BIOLASE also launched their LaserSmile(TM) tooth whitening and soft tissue laser system sales activities in Europe. Presentations on the clinical, financial and marketing benefits of the LaserSmile were made during the Symposium and distributors committed to initial purchases.

Jeffrey W. Jones, BIOLASE CEO and president, commented, "We are very pleased with the results of this Symposium. These and other new clinical advancements possible with the Waterlase are giving dentists, oral surgeons, endodontists, periodontists, implantologists and others the ability to raise the standard of care for the their patients. They can now perform procedures not previously possible because of the Waterlase's ability to do treatments with significantly less trauma, more accuracy and numerous other clinical benefits. We are grateful to all of the Waterlase users that have spent considerable time, effort and money researching and developing new advanced uses for this revolutionary technology.

"In addition to improving patient care, the ever expanding arsenal of Waterlase treatment possibilities is also providing BIOLASE with new tools and new arenas to market our products. Developments, such as at this symposium, will help us to continue to grow sales, increase margins and continue expanding our market potential.

"LaserSmile has been well received in the United States since its launch just a few months ago. Participants at the Symposium were impressed with this new system and many of them plan to add LaserSmile to their practices in the near future. We expect European LaserSmile sales to make a significant contribution to our continued growth."

Jones concluded, "The cosmetic tooth whitening market is growing fast and currently exceeds $1 billion annually. The LaserSmile whitening system is faster and has better return on investment than competing products and is more convenient for patients than conventional take-home systems. Additionally, it is a true multi-purpose system that will allow dentists to perform numerous soft tissue and periodontal procedures in addition to fast, effective whitening."

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