Sirona helps with safe, simple, efficient endodontics

Sept. 7, 2004
SIRONiTi Air+ is the new root canal treatment handpiece for air motors and electric motors.

Sirona has added a new root canal treatment handpiece to its product portfolio. Designed for nickel-titanium file systems, the new SIRONiTi Air+ boasts the same user-friendly features as the electrically powered SIRONiTi, but with a step-down ratio 66:1(SIRONiTi 115:1). SIRONiTi Air+ is equipped with an ISO interface and is the counterpart of SIRONiTi, which has proved to be an enormous success since it was launched at IDS 2003.

The SIRONiTi Air+ is equipped with five torque settings, which can be adjusted directly via the torque control ring on the handpiece. This allows dentists to prepare root canals using commonly available nickel-titanium file systems. In addition, they can avoid the expense of installing a separate electrically powered root canal preparation system.

Like the SIRONiTi handpiece, the SIRONiTi Air+ boasts an innovative "retro-rotation" function. If the torque limit is exceeded, the direction of file rotation is automatically reversed, thus preventing the file from becoming jammed in the root canal. The power is cut off gently, not abruptly, and without any intervention by the user. This is the ideal basis for fast and safe working.

In combination with an air motor the SIRONiTi Air+ reaches the optimum speed for endodontic treatment. If the handpiece is attached to an electric motor, it is possible to deploy files systems with a higher maximum speed limit. The maximum file speed of the SIRONiTi Air+ is 600 rpm at a motor speed of 40,000 rpm.

Whether the dentist uses air or electric driven attachments, they now have a choice. SIRONiTi Air+: the ideal choice for safe and efficient root canal preparation, with a minimum risk of file breakage.

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