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ACTEON introduces new EndoSuccess endodontic tips

March 14, 2013
The new product is from ACTEON North America
ACTEON North America has introduced a new set of ultrasonic tips for the Newtron Line of piezoelectric ultrasonics. The new EndoSuccess™ Canal Access Prep ultrasonic tip kit includes three micro-blade tips that are the perfect solution for locating and opening hidden or calcified canals, as well as shaping and finishing the access cavity.
The high strength of these tips decreases the risk of fractures, the rate at which they wear, and increases the precision during procedures such as shaping and widening canal walls, locating MB2 canals, and fragmenting calcified pulp stones.

Visit them at the Hinman Meeting booth 1411, the AAE meeting booth 601, contact your local dealer, or visit for more information.

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