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Bien-Air set to launch iOptima

March 31, 2014
Bien-Air Dental and Apple reunite to help boost the performance of dental surgeries.

Bien-Air is set to launch a system aimed at boosting the performance of dental surgeries.

With the iOptima, a practitioner can transform a traditional pneumatic system into a modern electric unit equipped with a brushless and sensorless micromotor and an iPod touch interface from Apple. The iOptima is intended for restorative and endodontic interventions.

Following the unveiling of the iOptima at IDS 2013 in Cologne, the system will officially come to the market May 15, 2014, at CDA in Anaheim, California.

Practitioners can now save the cost of purchasing a new dental unit. For a small outlay, they can equip a practice with the luxury of electric technology and enjoy its range of benefits.

Treating a larger number of patients has direct consequences on the profitability of practices and dental clinics. The functionalities of the iOptima application and the performance of Bien-Air electric instruments combine to reduce the time taken for interventions.

The iOptima is simple, efficient, and relatively risk-free. Restorative and endodontic interventions can be preprogrammed. Simply indicate the type of operation and select tools from manufacturers to access the preset speed and torque parameters.

iOptima is upgradeable: new functions are regularly added to it. This means that the performance and possibilities offered by iOptima are improved each time the application is updated on an iPod. This update is free.

Simply download the iOptima application, connect three cables, and unit is ready to go. The air-driven installation will be transformed into an electric system in an instant.

The Apple user interface is ergonomic and intuitive. It makes the system easy to use. The iOptima application for iPod touch, developed by Bien-Air Dental, offers numerous preprogrammed options.

Designed and developed to meet the needs of practitioners, the iOptima offers a choice between using preprogrammed options or customising parameters, either before or during operations. The iOptima allows practitioners to program custom operations and to modify them at any time.

In addition, the auto-reverse and auto-forward functions for the iOptima application mean that you can carry out endodontic treatments in complete safety.

The iOptima comes with the Bien-Air MX2 LED micromotor, which offers the best performance on the market. The micromotor's SMART LOGIC electronic management system automatically controls the power and compensates for variations in pressure on the tool. The MX2-LED simplifies and helps optimize restorative, prophylactic, and endodontic operations. It also comes with a three-year warranty.

The MX2 micromotor and Micro-Series contra-angle combination reduces the effort required to use the instrument, thanks to balance and a reduction in size. This allows for accurate movements, and less fatigue at the end of the day.

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