Henry Schein debuts Endovations

April 20, 2010
Endovations, which is part of Henry Schein’s Global Healthcare Specialties Group, provides endodontic clinicians with a selection of products and services to enhance clinical outcomes and increase practice efficiency and success.

MELVILLE, New York--Henry Schein, a distributor of health-care products and services to office-based practitioners, has launched Endovations.

Endovations is a new business initiative dedicated to meeting the product and service needs of endodontic practitioners around the world. Part of Henry Schein’s Global Healthcare Specialties Group, Endovations provides endodontic clinicians with a selection of products and services to enhance clinical outcomes and increase practice efficiency and success. The announcement of the launch was made at the American Association of Endodontists 2010 Annual Session in San Diego, Calif.

“In the United States alone, the AAE estimates that 22 million endodontic procedures are performed annually, including nearly 15 million root canals, and experts project this segment of the dental market to grow six to eight percent each year,” said Stanley Bergman, chairman and chief executive officer of Henry Schein.

“Dental specialists have special needs in the products and services required to operate successful endodontic practices, and we have created Endovations to meet this growing need. We are eager to introduce exciting new technology-driven products and services to our endodontic customers, and with our increased focus in this area, also expect an increase in sales of the wide range of products we currently sell for endodontic treatments, including the innovative Twisted Files from Sybron Dental Specialties, among others.”

Henry Schein is committed to the success of endodontic practices and knowledgeable about the range of endodontic products and services, including EndoVision practice management software, Henry Schein Equipment Services. office planning and design, Henry Schein Financial Services, patient financing, the Privileges customer loyalty program, practice discovery and analysis, electronic ordering, and the selection of products and services offered by Henry Schein Exclusive Brands. These include:

* The SAF File from ReDent Nova, for which Henry Schein is the exclusive distributor in North America and certain other regions of the world. The SAF File can clean and shape and allows for irrigation without removing the file.

* Plastic Endo products, including the VIBE Ultrasonic Piezo Unit, which Henry Schein distributes worldwide on an exclusive basis. Plastic Endo is the originator of the world’s first plastic endodontic file, which aims to make endodontic treatment easier, faster, and more cost efficient.

“Endodontists typically perform 25 root canal treatments each week and use the latest technology, equipment, and microsurgical techniques to improve patient comfort and save natural teeth,” said Carey Lyons, president of Henry Schein Exclusive Brands, who is leading the Endovations initiative.

“These advanced dental specialists require a consulting partner who can focus just as intensely on meeting their unique practice needs. With Endovations, we are confident that we can effectively deliver this level of focus to this important segment of dental professionals.”

For more information, visit the Henry Schein Web site at www.henryschein.com.

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