Morita announces new 3D technology

June 10, 2008
With a minute voxel size of just 80 μm (micrometer) and an expanded field of view of up to 80 x 80 mm, this model offers an improvement in clarity and field of view.

IRVINE, California--J. Morita USA has recently announced the availability of 3D Accuitomo 80, a third generation CBCT unit.

With a minute voxel size of just 80 μm (micrometer) and an expanded field of view of up to 80 x 80 mm, this model offers an improvement in clarity and field of view. Its voxel size, combined with the unit's 13 bit grayscale capability, displays amazing clarity with a low effective dose.

The newly developed "Zoom Reconstruction" feature can generate a higher resolution image for a selected area of interest within the original scan, eliminating the need for a retake. By using this feature, the clinician can choose a larger field of view with a reduced reconstruction time and still obtain a high level of clarity.

The clinician examines the original scan, refines the area of interest, and extracts the highest resolution possible, 80 μm, for final diagnosis. It is not simply a magnification feature; the unit always acquires the raw data at 80 μm for all field of view options. With only one image acquisition, the process is also faster with less dosage to the patient.

For image manipulation, Morita's unique One Data Viewer program allows viewing of 3D images on any computer without special software. Field of view sizes for the 3D Accuitomo 80 include: Ø 40 X H 40 mm, Ø 60 X H 60 mm, Ø 80 X H 80 mm.

Recently, Morita also announced the availability of the brand new Veraviewepocs 2D/3D. It offers the ultimate flexibility for the clinician interested in 3D technology, but not ready to make the investment. A 2D model can be purchased and upgraded to 3D at a later date.

It offers a small footprint, the same size as a standard pan/ceph unit, with a full range of high resolution imaging options at a low effective dose. For 3D imaging, the unit offers a small voxel size of 125 μm and field of view options of Ø 40 X H 40 mm, Ø 40 X H 80 mm, Ø 80 X H 80 mm.

"With its dual function, high resolution pan and 3D imaging, as well as its small footprint, the Veraviewepocs is an excellent choice for a general dentist, but also offers the clarity and detail needed for specialties like endodontics, orthodontists, and implantology," said Steven White, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing.

Acquiring a 3D image is easy by using the panoramic scout function, simply click the desired region of interest on the high resolution panoramic and the unit automatically positions itself to take the 3D image. For clinician convenience, a single cassette can be used for both panoramic and 3D images.

"With 16 years of research, Morita is at the forefront of 3D imaging technology by combining high clarity and low dosage," said White. "Morita's commitment to innovation and patient protection are clearly evident in both new units."

For more information on 3D Accuitomo 80 or Veraviewepocs 2D/3D, call 877-JMORITA (566-7482) or go to J. Morita USA.

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