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Dental professionals: Does your exposure to x-ray radiation at work concern you? Answer our quick poll here.

How concerned are you about your radiation exposure?

Aug. 29, 2023
We'd like to know if your exposure to x-rays at work concerns you—and if your office is following proper safety protocols.
Amelia Williamson DeStefano, Group Editorial Director

It’s not uncommon for dental patients to have concerns about their radiation exposure from dental x-rays. However, dental professionals know the total exposure to patients from normal imaging is quite small compared to their overall exposure. How small? We made this handy comparison earlier this year.

But many of you asked: what about me? It’s true that clinicians, who may be taking many x-rays or CBCT scans throughout the day, have a much higher opportunity for radiation exposure over the years. The International Atomic Energy Agency says “employees performing dental radiography should not normally receive significant radiation dose provided normal radiation protection measures are employed, such as distance and shielding.”1

Regarding routine personnel monitoring of dental staff, the IAEA says that it’s “is generally considered to be desirable but not necessary”—as long as safety recommendations are followed.

Unfortunately, not all practices promote a culture of safety. How do you feel about this issue? We have a short poll that provides immediate feedback. Once you answer, you’ll see how your colleagues are responding. You can also leave a comment if there’s something you want DentistryIQ to know!


1. Radiation protection of staff in dental radiology. International Atomic Energy Agency. Accessed August 28, 2023.