Carestream CS 9300

Oct. 4, 2011
Versatile 3-D and panoramic extraoral system offers one-shot cephalometric imaging.

ATLANTA, Georgia--Carestream Dental, manufacturer of KODAK Dental Systems, has introduced a digital cephalometric module for the CS 9300 extraoral imaging system released earlier in 2011.

The CS 9300C’s cephalometric imaging enables orthodontists and other oral health professionals to perform a wider range of diagnoses and treatments from their offices without the need to refer patients to other imaging centers.

In addition to 3-D and panoramic imaging, the CS 9300C produces cephalometric images. Offering a broad range of image formats from 30 cm x 30 cm to 18 cm x 18 cm, the CS 9300C’s cephalometric module addresses orthodontic diagnostic and tracing needs and provides a full cranial option.

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Cephalometric images are acquired by the CS 9300C in a single shot, helping minimize distortion and risk of blurred images due to patient movement that are common to units that use scanning technology. The system’s high-frequency generator, combined with one-shot cephalometric technology, delivers images at a low radiation dose for better patient protection.

“Both the cephalometric and 3-D imaging modalities enable practitioners to limit radiation exposure by collimating the imaging area down to a precise region of interest,” said Edward Shellard, DMD, chief marketing officer and director of business development for Carestream Dental. “This supports practitioners adhering to the ALARA Principle, or ‘As Low as Reasonably Achievable,’ which dictates that every precaution should be taken to minimize radiation exposure for patients.”

The CS 9300C also offers 2-D digital panoramic imaging and 3-D imaging with up to seven selectable fields of view (from 5 cm x 5 cm to 17 cm x 13.5 cm).

The ability to adapt the field of view when using the CS 9300C enables orthodontists to use the system for their specific diagnostic needs--whether conducting an assessment of the maxillofacial complex using a larger field of view or evaluating a single impaction with a focused field scan.

Recognized for a high degree of precision, the CS 9300C is one of a handful of advanced 3-D imaging systems that is certified by OraMetrix for use with its SureSmile technology. This integration with SureSmile means orthodontists will have improved treatment planning, as well as control of treatment.

“With its three imaging modalities--panoramic, cephalometri,c and 3D--the CS 9300C will redefine clinicians’ expectations of excellence,” Dr. Shellard said. “From examining complex impactions to viewing root angulation or inclination, the CS 9300C is the perfect all-in-one system for today’s orthodontic practice.”

The CS 9300C features KODAK Orthodontic Imaging Software, which offers automatic tracing capabilities to help practitioners identify landmark and anatomical structures. Also included with the CS 9300C are three automatic orthodontic enhancement filters that enable practitioners to improve image clarity and outline soft tissue with just one click.

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