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New Products

April 1, 2004

New Product Highlight

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Futura pH-balanced exam gloves
Finally, a pH-balanced glove! DASH® Futura™ gloves match the skin's natural pH to maintain its role as the first line of defense against infection and irritants. They also can relieve the damaging effects of over-washing and frequent gloving.
Call (800) 523-2055 or visit for more information or to order.

DASH® offers new 5.5 pH balanced gloves

DASH® Medical Gloves announces the addition of Futura™ powder-free, pH-balanced gloves to its line of disposable latex and non-latex exam gloves.

The new gloves are formulated to match the skin's natural pH level of 5.5. Futura gloves work with the skin to maintain a healthy pH level which provides a first line of defense against irritants and infection. The gloves are designed to relieve the damaging effects of over-washing and frequent gloving.

Futura gloves are citrus-scented and come in five sizes: extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large. To order, call (800) 523-2055 or visit They also are available through most dental dealers.

Guide to dental implants for consumers

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Millions of Americans have lost a tooth to injury or disease. As a result, many of these people believe they will never again be able to chew, speak, or smile without feeling self-conscious. Dental implants may allow these individuals to recover from the disaster of tooth loss.

During the last 35 years, Charles A. Babbush, DDS, MScD, has helped thousands of people with dental implants. He describes the treatment in language the layperson will understand in his informative book, "As Good As New: A Consumer's Guide to Dental Implants."

Purchase "As Good As New ..." at or by calling (440) 995-5500.

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DUX Dental's Lead Free X-ray aprons are the result of a technologically advanced Xenolite-alloy sheeting, replacing antiquated leaded X-ray aprons. Constructed with a wear-resistant microfiber front and a nonslip corduroy back, the Lead Free aprons exhibit the same attenuation of X-radiation as a leaded apron.

Each apron weighs approximately 50 percent less than conventional aprons, can withstand most disinfectant liquids, and adds an esthetic advantage to the décor of dental offices. In addition, the aprons are 100 percent recyclable, and are safer for patients and operators due to the elimination of lead. Life expectancy is longer than conventional aprons when handled according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

For more information or to place an order, call DUX Dental (offering Van R, Cadco, and Clive Craig brands) at (800) 833-8267.

Dental implant brochure for patients

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Help your patients understand dental implants and the process by which they are placed. This simplified explanation of dental implants is perfect for your reception area, or as a guide for the patient considering implants. The high quality, four-color brochure answers questions such as: "What are Dental Implants?" "What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Implants?" "What Decisions are Required?" "What is Involved in the Treatment?"

Bulk-order discounts will help you maintain a regular supply of this valuable educational guide.

For more information, call (800) 837-LEXI (5394) or visit

Seven new safety scalpels added to DeRoyal line

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DeRoyal has added seven new, totally retractable, color-coded, safety disposable scalpels, as well as a safety blade remover for blades with reusable metal handles, to its family of sharps safety products.

Designed by a cardiovascular surgeon and safety engineer, the DeRoyal retractable safety scalpels protect from injury and infection by bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis C and B or HIV, caused by accidental cuts from exposed scalpel blades.

The new line includes 10 sizes of Swann-Morton blades made from the finest English steel. All meet OSHA standards and federal sharps safety regulations.

For more information, call (800) 337-6925 or visit

Enhance anesthesia with Propofol

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Sullivan-Schein Dental will distribute Propofol injectable emulsion with sodium metabisulfite, an intravenous drug used for the induction and maintenance of anesthesia.

Propofol takes effect quickly and enables patients to recover rapidly once discontinued. It also has a low incidence of patient nausea. Propofol is sometimes used as a sedative in monitored anesthesia care.

Propofol (2, 6, diisopropylphenol) has gained considerable favor as a sedative-hypnotic since its release in the United States in 1989.Propofol is AB-rated and therapeutically equivalent to Diprivan™. It is available in single-dose vials and single-dose infusion vials.

For more information, call (800) 372-4346.

GC EXAIMPLANT to launch at CDA meeting

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GC America is pleased to announce the launch of EXAIMPLANT NDS, the only VPS impression material specially designed for implant impressions.

EXAIMPLANT has a perfect rigid viscosity to fix the impression coping or abutment. Its special characteristics are high rigidity and hydrophilic nature. Because of the rigidity, strain on the impression upon removal from the mouth is minimal, and the implant fixture will be duplicated precisely on the stone model.

EXAIMPLANT also has a special adhesive that enables chemical adhesion between a silicone impression material and a resin custom tray, whereas most other adhesives cannot. EXAIMPLANT ADHESIVE is more like a primer, while most other adhesives are more like glue. That means you can expect much better adhesive strength with EXAIMPLANT ADHESIVE. Higher adhesive strength is important because exfoliation of the impression material from the tray results in fatal damage of precise impressions, and precision is essential for implant impressions.

EXAIMPLANT will be available April 16. Come visit the GC booth at the CDA meeting, April 16 - 18, to place your order.

For more information, visit

X-Tip� intraosseous anesthesia system

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DENTSPLY introduces its X-Tip™ intraosseous anesthesia delivery system to provide safe and improved profound anesthesia for root-canal therapy and other dental procedures. Working on the principle of intraosseous (into the bone) anesthesia, the X-Tip system consists of two parts — a drill and guide sleeve. The drill mounts easily in a standard low-speed handpiece, such as Tulsa Dental's 1:1 contra angle. Once the drill and guide sleeve pass into the cancellous bone, the drill is withdrawn and the guide sleeve allows for easy injection and re-injection of local anesthetic.

With proper administration of the X-Tip system, anesthetic onset time is less than one minute, saving operatory time. The system also helps reduce the annoying side effects of facial and tongue numbness for the patient.

The X-Tip Anesthesia Delivery System (X-Tip guide sleeves and disposable needles) is available in quantities of 10 or 50.

For more information, contact your Maillefer distributor or Tulsa Dental representative.

Intelle-Plant surgical implant templates

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The key to trouble-free implant restorations, especially when fabricating overdentures or cases in the esthetic zone, is the use of a surgical template during the planning and placement stages of the restoration.

Intelle-Plant Surgical Templates allow for perfect implant placement every time. Each Intelle-Plant template is processed using high-impact, crystal-clear acrylic and, for partially edentulous patients, includes clasps or other stabilizing mechanisms.

Practitioners can order templates with or without guide holes. Templates also may be ordered with titanium guide tubes for pilot drills, radiographic teeth or markers, and optional barium sulfate formulas. Precision Ceramics Dental Laboratory has a complete implant department. In addition, we have a program which allows you to borrow the tools you need, including tool and torque wrenches.

Precision Ceramics Dental Laboratory offers overnight shipping and supplies all packing materials. It is the only lab to offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee on every case.

For details, contact Mark Jackson at (800) 223-6322 or e-mail [email protected].

ERA® Implant � micro prosthetic head

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Sterngold introduces the ERA® Implant with a smaller prosthetic head for provisional applications. It is a micro ERA prosthetic head of 3.4 mm diameter on a 2.2 mm-diameter, self-tapping screw, which allows for positive and immediate stabilization of a complete denture. It also is used to protect an osseous graft site on a temporary basis. It has an unthreaded screw collar for added strength.

For more information, order online, or take advantage of Sterngold's educational resources, visit

newMentor online anesthesia courses

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newMentor, known for its CD-based education and training programs, announces a new course in its series of CE-credited online courses. "Intraosseous and Intraligamentary Anesthesia," clarifies the effectiveness and advantages of these two injections for both primary and adjunctive anesthesia, and demonstrates how to achieve proficiency in administering them.

Intraosseous and intraligamentary anesthesia offer benefits to both patients and dentists. Local, brief, profound anesthesia can be consistently achieved with no lingering numbness of the lip, tongue, or face. They also are effective where inflammation exists and for patients with a history of drug or alcohol abuse.

The course fee of $175 includes an e-mail link to the subject-matter experts for course content questions. Users may take notes and bookmark their places if they want to resume later. A written transcript is always available. After successful completion of the test, the participant receives a certificate for six CE credits.

For more information, call (415) 362-4007, e-mail [email protected], or visit

Don't perf out � PulpOut!

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Essential Dental Systems introduces the latest addition in delivering stress-free dentistry — the PulpOut™ bur. The anxiety of perforation looms no more! The PulpOut bur's radical design and function are backed by groundbreaking research proving clinically significant results and consistent performance.

PulpOut's "fixed stop" allows access without the fear of perforation, and the patented flat-sided head remains sharper, longer. It allows consistent access to the pulp chamber safely and efficiently, even in calcified pulp chambers.

The extra-coarse diamond grit and noncutting end of the Shaper bur permit rapid cutting of enamel, dentin, and restorative material while preventing cutting, ditching, and grooving of the pulp chamber floor.

To order, contact your dental dealer or call Essential Dental Systems at (800)-22-FLEXI (223-5394). For more information, visit

Kerr's new Premise in composites

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You've come to rely on Kerr to be at the forefront of composite technology. Now, there's Premise, a truly unique universal restorative material. Using Kerr's new patent-pending trimodal approach to nano technology, Premise gives you ultra-low shrinkage at a rate up to 45 percent less than the leading competitor's, sustained gloss over time, highly sculptable and nonsticky handling, universal application with both strength for posteriors and beauty for anteriors, and unparalleled esthetic vitality. Premise is very easy to use. No recipes. No guesswork. No complicated shading. Just choose, place, cure, and finish. Now you can have it all — all at one time — all in one product.

For information and details about the science behind the new Premise, visit, contact your authorized Kerr dealer, or call (800) KERR123 (537-7123).

Coltène/Whaledent OneCoat Self-Etch Bond

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Coltène/Whaledent Inc. introduces a self-etch, light-cured bonding system that provides a homogenous bond layer that stops postoperative sensitivity — with just one coat. The OneCoat SE Bond water-based primer solubilizes the smear layer without removing it. The solvent-free, light-cured bonding agent permeates the collagen fibers, penetrating deep into the dentinal tubules, establishing a highly retentive, homogenous hybrid layer. Postoperative sensitivity is stopped.

OneCoat SE Bond produces excellent marginal integrity, reducing the risk for marginal staining. Its water-based formula is less technique-sensitive. Single-dose convenience eliminates the possibility for cross-contamination.

For more information, contact your dental dealer or Coltène/Whaledent at (800) 221-3046, or visit