Imaging sciences International Introduces i-CAT ™

March 10, 2004
New, compact cone beam computed tomography system provides 3-D imaging at half the cost and with less radiation.

New, compact cone beam computed tomography system provides 3-D imaging at half the cost and with less radiation.

Hatfield, PA, March 9, 2004 � Imaging Sciences International introduced today a new compact cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) system that provides unprecedented 3-D, digital imaging at half the cost of medical CT units and with less radiation to patients than traditional fan beam computed tomography systems. The i-CAT™ provides high-definition, in-office three-dimensional, digital imaging in an easy-to-use unit that requires less than 60 square feet of floor space. The i-CAT's™ volumetric imaging provides dentists and specialists complete views of all maxillofacial structures, allowing for more thorough diagnosis and planning, as well as more predicable treatment outcomes. Rather than referring patients to local hospitals or medical imaging centers, the i-CAT™ economics and small footprint make it an excellent alternative for extending a dental practice's in-office continuum of care while offering the safest possible diagnostic techniques.

"Three-dimensional, volumetric imaging provides revolutionary information for implant planning and orthodontic treatment and care," says Edward Marandola, Imaging Sciences' general manager. "The challenge has been to design and incorporate state-of-the-art digital imaging technology in a unit that makes economic sense, while delivering the quality of imaging demanded by today's practitioners."

To overcome that challenge, i-CAT™ relies on an advanced amorphous silicon flat panel image sensor, instead of image intensifier technology employed by competitive units, to reduce the overall size of the unit and deliver a higher image quality and resolution.

"The i-CAT's™ technology positions dental practices to offer a higher quality of care today in a unit which requires less space and is more affordable," says Alan Keim, sales director at Imaging Sciences.

At the same time, the i-CAT™ provides a smart solution for practices entering or serving the growing patient demand for implants. i-CAT's™ high resolution, volumetric images provide for three-dimensional analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation. The i-CAT™ is capable of producing precise cross-sectional slices of any desired location in the maxilla or mandible providing the exact dimensions and locations of critical anatomy, thus enabling the implantologist to select the most suitable implant type, size and location.

In fact, a new procedure, immediate load dental implants, allows the dentist to place a finished implant within a single visit rather than the many months that it now requires. These instant load procedures require CT images that, at one time, could have only been done on a traditional medical CT scanner. With the introduction of the i-CAT™, dentists will now have a technologically superior, in-office, affordable unit that makes this treatment possible as well as facilitates the process.

For temporomandibular joint (TMJ) treatment and care, the i-CAT's™ ability to provide three-dimensional images of the condyles and surrounding structure allow for complete analysis and diagnosis of bone morphology, joint space and function, keys to providing more predictable treatment outcomes.

i-CAT's™ rotational scan takes less than 40 seconds as the patient is seated in an open environment. i-CAT™ software produces the primary reconstruction of the 3-D images in about two minutes, while secondary reconstruction of any desired view is in real-time.

"i-CAT™ allows practices to extend their service offerings and enhance the overall delivery of care," says Marandola. "The i-CAT's™ technology and design puts advanced in-office imaging within the realm of an expanding universe of practices�those that want to place themselves at the center of patient care by providing a full continuum of services from diagnosis to treatment."

i-CAT™ effectively provides group practices and private dentists with a complete, all-in-one solution for accurate diagnosis and the treatment of a range of anomalies, while streamlining the sharing of this digital information with insurance providers, other medical professionals and the patients themselves.

Leasing options are available. For more information about the i-CAT™, please contact Imaging Sciences International at 215-997-5666. For all media inquiries, please contact Tim Cifelli at 610-642-8253 or [email protected].