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Aug. 1, 2011
New panoramic, cephalometric, 3-D Cone Beam, and PSP solutions added to company’s product portfolio.

HATFIELD, Pennsylvania--Gendex has unveiled three new digital imaging systems.

The GXDP-700 Series, which offers panoramic imaging upgradable to Ceph and/or 3-D, the GXDP-300 panoramic, with its simple yet high-performing functionality, and the GXPS-500, which augments the current PSP line.

All three products come from a lineage of imaging and underscore the Gendex desire and commitment to serve health-care providers.

Understanding that dentists’ needs change over time, Gendex delivers with the new GXDP-700 Series choices to those clinicians who want to grow their imaging capabilities as their practice demands increase.

Beginning with a pan comprised of projections, the system can be upgraded in the field to add cephalometrics or 3-D Cone Beam CT, or both. The 3D component, with two scan size options that includes a low-dose PerfectScout location tool, complements diagnosis and planning for targeted areas of interest. These include applications such as impactions, root investigation, and implants. Additionally, the GXDP-700’s SmartLogic feature remembers the users most frequently used settings.

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Performance meets simplicity in the new GXDP-300 panoramic. Its FOX technology, which compensates for anterior malocclusion, helps optimize image clarity. The system offers commonly used projections, pan, bitewing, and TMJ views for three body sizes. With the GXDP-300, there’s a three-step process: select the projection, select the body size, and take the pan.

Both of these systems use EasyPosition, a group of five features for quick and correct patient positioning that helps lead to clear and repeatable imaging results. Another time-saving benefit of both units is the intuitive and easy-to-use touchscreen interface.

Expanding its PSP line, Gendex presents the GXPS-500, which offers an economical way to step into digital dentistry with a chemical-free, touchless process while keeping the office’s familiar workflow. In an instant, the reusable, long-lasting imaging plates are converted to clear, sharp images that are ready for diagnosis and cleared for re-use.

“Gendex is extremely excited to bring these new products to market that we believe will greatly impact dental practices,” stated Matt Reintjes, president of Gendex Dental Systems.

“We feel that they exemplify our unwavering commitment to innovation and to providing total imaging solutions to the dental community through our valued dealer partners. We fully anticipate that this new product line will achieve the level of success we’ve experienced with our GXS-700 sensors.”

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