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Dental printer prints drill guides from implant studio

March 25, 2014
3Shape Implant Studio integrates with ProJet 3510 printer and VisiJet Stoneplast for a distributed dental manufacturing solution.

ROCK HILL, S.C.-- 3D Systems has announced that the ProJet 3510 MP 3-D printer and proprietary VisiJet Stoneplast dental materials are now also available for use with 3Shape Implant Studio.

This allows dental professionals to output accurate and functional dental implant drill guides that are designed using the 3Shape Implant Studio software. Implant Studio is 3Shape's newest software product for implant planning and surgical guide design.

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3Shape Implant Studio is scheduled to launch in the EU countries in April 2014. Implant Studio is not available for sale in the U.S.

The ProJet 3510 MP uses 3D Systems' proprietary Stoneplast dental material in a transparent or opaque build mode. The printed surgical guides are based on ready-to-print, Implant Studio-exported STL models to produce surgical guides.

"3D Systems' ProJet 3510 MP and Stoneplast materials produce accurate prints and easily integrate with our software for the ultimate distributed manufacturing solution," said Rune Fisker, vice president, product strategy, 3Shape.

"This digital workflow with 3-D printing integration brings the dental field a highly precise and affordable solution."

Added Lee Dockstader, vice president, business development, 3D Systems: "We are very pleased to offer our dental lab customers a proven solution for manufacturing drill guides using 3Shape's new Implant Studio software, a solution that combines the latest products from two leading providers forming a powerful and affordable manufacturing tool."

In other news from 3-D Systems, the company announces the availability of the ProJet 1200 micro-SLA printer and commencement of customer shipments. The safe micro-SLA 3-D printer is capable of producing small, precise, detail-rich parts and casting patterns and ideal for fine jewelry, electronic components and dental wax-ups.

Smaller than most coffeemakers and faster than baking a cake, this new printer is economical to own, safe to operate anywhere, and simple to use. It prints accurate ready-to-use parts and castable patterns that cost less than one dollar. Priced at $4,900, the ProJet 1200 democratizes access to professional-grade 3-D printers for jewelers, dental labs, product designers, and garage entrepreneurs.

With super-fast print speeds and high accuracy of detail, dental labs can print up to 12 precise dental wax ups in under an hour and jewelers can create five intricate rings in under two hours. The Projet 1200 prints at 30-micron layers at effective 585 dpi resolution featuring micro details with unprecedented surface smoothness that only SLA technology can deliver.

“Sun Dental Labs is always pursuing the cutting edge in the dental technology field and the ProJet 1200 is a great addition to our portfolio of technologies,” said Chuck Stapleton, Vice President of Global Operations, Sun Dental Labs. “The compact size and speed of the ProJet 1200 allows us to further refine our digital manufacturing processes.”

For more informaiton, visit http://www.3dsystems.com/. To order a ProJet 1200 visit 3dsystems.com/3d-printers/professional/projet-1200.