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AuthAir debuts AuthAir Dental

March 31, 2014
AuthAir Dental is purpose-built security to ease HIPAA compliance concerns for dentists nationwide.

WOODBRIDGE, Connecticut—AuthAir launched the company's first health care opimized compliance product, AuthAir Dental.

The launch took place at the 2014 Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta.

AuthAir develops authentication solutions to help make authentication systems more robust and reliable. The solutions integrate with simple and complex IT infrastructures. They add layers of security to assist businesses with compliance, regulations, and promotion of industry best practices for multiple veticals.

AuthAir Dental takes aim at easing the dental vertical's particular HIPAA security compliance concerns to keep protected electronic Patient Health Information during routine and specialized visits to dental offices.

“We’ve purpose-‐built AuthAir to take authentication to the next level by providing more protection than current solutions in a way that requires littlle to no modification to existing end user processes and procedures," AuthAir CEO Yaron Baitch said.

"In the case of our dental product, we’re able to allow office staff to leave their tokens in their pockets, or around their necks on a lanyard, without having to type a code of any kind. We make use of secure communication, seamlessly interacting with previously secured workstations to create an authentication geofence around that practice’s office computer network. Only a valid user with an authorized AuthAir Dental token on their person will automatically unlock an AuthAir Dental secured station when he or she comes within an allowable distance and be able to read or edit patient records.”

Added Dr. Robert E. Weiner of the Princeton Center For Implant Dentistry: “The fact that my office's authorized users can step out of the operatory, and the AuthAir Dental secured station locks itself down and can’t be accessed by patients or visitors is outstanding. That takes a lot of the burden off my staff in terms of worrying about compliance.”

Michelle Hambidge, director of marketing and administration for the Dental Integrators Association--a nonprofit network of leading, independent and certified dental technology integration firms nationwide--agrees the solution is doing a nice job making it easy to weave into existing dental processes.

“When a dentist, hygienist, or assistant wearing or carrying an authorized AuthAir Dental token re-­enters the operatory and approaches that same AuthAir Dental secured station, access is immediately restored, right where they left off, without requiring anyone to log back in," she said..

"That’s a substan'al development. Dental staff members are constantly on the move as they are in and out of the different operatories throughout the practice. Hygienists might step in and out multiple times during a single visit, sometimes to take an X-­‐ray, or just to check with the front desk or dentist. It’s cumbersome to log in and log out over, and over again, just to get back to the same place in the same patient record. This solution can potentially save them significant time while helping protect the practice.”

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