Co-founders relaunch dental implant site

May 22, 2012 has relaunched the popular website earlier this year with a new vision and improved customer experience. The website has been redesigned with a new ecommerce platform with better navigation, product focus, improved response times and enhanced customer support.

"Our team has invested significant resources in technologies to provide for an improved customer experience. We looked around and found many of our competitor sites difficult to navigate and place orders," says co-founder Robert Tobys. "We are getting back to a more customer focused, easy to use site where customers can place orders in minutes so they can get back to running their office."

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The goal at Implant Depot is to provide compatible, quality, and affordable implants worldwide. It also aims to provide unparalleled customer service through telephone, social media and email communications. Robert says, "We want to be available for our clients through a variety of mediums. If they want to call us from the golf course to place an order, we are here."

The improved website has been launched with new product offerings and bundled deals added on a regular basis. Implant Depot expects to continue its growth into the dental implant sector in the coming months. The site is a part of a larger project to reach practices via social media outlets and email campaigns.

Implant Depot is a privately held company serving the dental implant industry domestically and internationally. The company website can be accessed at