Reso-Pac Hager

Sept. 14, 2010
Reso-Pac is ready-to-use periodontal dressing individual dose packs.

Reso-Pac is an aid to implantology, prosthetics, and periodontology.

Reso-Pac has no taste, no odor, requires no mixing or removal, and is biocompatible. The product has a five-year shelf life.

• Seals sulcus and approximate areas
• Sealsf pockets, prosthetics, and periodontology

Lasting adhesion
• Dressing remains in place for up to 30 hours on damp and bleeding wounds
• Treated area is kept separated from oral environment
• Safely secures the marginal periodontium

• Hydrophilic, ready-to-use dressing does not have to be mixed
• Quick, easy dispensing

• Dressing remains soft, helping eliminate pressure spots and ulcers and insufficient supply of the marginal periodontium and papillae
• Neutral smell and taste so the patient does not feel “stigmatized”

• The dressing dissolves slowly by itself and does not require removal

Reso-Pac - Individual Dose Item # Suggested Retail
(2 gm cups) General Practitioner Pack (10/Jar) 155 038 $8.40

(2 gm cups) Periodontist Pack (50/Jar) 155 039 $39.95

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