Two new standards available online

Dec. 1, 2005
All American Dental Association standards are available for secure purchase anytime of day, every day, and can be obtained by download or mail.

Two new standards are now now available from the American Dental Association Standards e-catalog at

They are ADA Technical Report No. 1023 "Implementation Requirements for DICOM in Dentistry" and ANSI/ADA Specification No. 62 "Dental Abrasive Pastes."

ADA Technical Report No. 1023 removes the barriers to interoperability
between different vendors' digital X-ray system image files. It allows dentists to communicate digital radiographs to any third party, such as other dentists and specialists, and between practice management systems and software systems from different vendors. The report is based on the DICOM (Digital Imaging Communication in Medicine) version 3 standard as it applies to dentistry.

ANSI/ADA Specification No. 62 provides criteria to evaluate in-office abrasive pastes used in dentistry for removing stains and other exogenous materials from natural tooth structures and prostheses.

Newly published ISO standards also available from the ADA Standards
e-catalog at include ISO 6874 "Dental resin-based pit and fissure sealants;" ISO 9693/ Amendment 1 "Metal-ceramic dental restorative systems;" ISO Technical Specification 22911 "Pre-clinical evaluation of dental implant systems-animal test methods;" ISO 22254 "Manual toothbrushes-resistance of tufted portion to deflection;" and ISO 22374 "Electrical-powered scalers and scaler tips."

Featuring competitively priced standards written by the dental profession for the dental profession, the Standards E-catalog illustrates the ADA's
leadership in standards for safe and effective oral healthcare. All standards are available for secure purchase anytime of day, every day and obtained by download or mail.

ANSI/ADA specifications, developed by the ADA Standards Committee on Dental Products, are approved as American National Standards by the American National Standards Institute.

The worldwide ISO dental standards are developed by the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee 106 for Dentistry.

Technical reports developed by the ADA Standards Committee on Dental
Informatics address such topics as dental practice systems, clinical
peripheral devices and software, electronic data interchange, interoperability, computer-based patient record interfaces and security of systems and data.

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