Innovative Implant Solutions receives CE Mark approval to market ImplantLock

Jan. 19, 2009
Accessory provides standard, root-form implants to secure real-time "functional immediate loading" or "immediate functional occlusion" regardless of bone density and height.

JERUSALEM, Israel--Innovative Implant Solutions Ltd., an Israeli start-up and a developer of implantology-related dental products, has announced receipt of the European CE Mark approval to market its first product, the ImplantLock device.

The patent-pending add-on anchor provides standard, root-form implants with the ability to secure real-time "functional immediate loading" or "immediate functional occlusion" regardless of bone density and height.

The device can be used to support standard implants of any length including short implants (down to 6.0 mm in length) and thus reduce the need for many bone augmentation and sinus-lift procedures. In addition, the device enables safe and stable immediate implant placement after tooth extraction.

Currently, standard implants have only one point of contact with the hard, cortical bone. This limitation prevents them from bearing loaded for a period of 3-6 months--until integration with the soft bone (osseointegration) is achieved.

Moreover, when a bone augmentation or a sinus-lift procedure is performed, reaching the stage of complete functional loading may take up to nine months. Yet by providing each implant with nine points of anchorage in the hard, cortical bone, the ImplantLock device eliminates postponement of loading.

"Receiving the CE mark approval for our ImplantLock device is a significant step for IIS and indicates that the product complies with the appropriate quality and safety standards," stated Jacob Kaufman, CEO of IIS. "We have taken a huge step forward."

Oren Gershtein, CEO of Van Leer Ventures Jerusalem, said, "Thanks to IIS's unique technology they were able to reach this significant milestone in such a short time. The company's sales and profit prospects for their line of products are highly encouraging based on the European CE Mark approval. The potential for the success of this product in the dental implant device market is very high and estimated at over $300 million a year. We are certain that both the patient and the physician will find an increase in level of satisfaction with the improvement that this device brings."

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