New CT scan, surgical guide partners join company

Aug. 31, 2006
Growing acceptance of its models for advanced implant planning and placement enables BioMedical Modeling Inc. to add new partners.

With the growing acceptance of its BioDental models for advanced implant planning and placement, BioMedical Modeling Inc. is adding new partners to a growing list that includes C-Dental X-Ray Inc. with 11 dental scanning centers throughout California and the Harvard Dental Center at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston.

In Manhattan, WP Dental Services is partnering with BioMedical Modeling to provide dental practices with the multi-slice and dental cone-beam images used to create anatomically accurate models of a patient's mandible or maxilla.

These models clearly distinguish between bone and soft tissue while clearly modeling teeth, roots, sinus features and inferior alveolar nerve channel to help both surgeon and restorative dentist visualize, plan, and place dental implants.

In the Tri-State area, the Marotta Dental Studio is partnering with BioMedical Modeling to fabricate custom drill guides. Instead of using complex software to provide a series of measurements from a reference point, surgeons can now drill a BioDental model to show exactly where implants will go so drill guides can be made to the exact position, depth, and angle required. This can save considerable time.

According to BioMedical Modeling, in addition to using BioDental models for single or multiple tooth replacement, many dentists are adopting them as a standard practice modality for totally edentulous cases where the molars have been missing for years and there has been bone shrinkage.

The use of BioDental models not only improves communications among surgeon, restorative dentist and the dental lab, but they are also invaluable in explaining implant procedures to the patients to build a feeling of trust and confidence.

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