Exclusive distributor of PerioChip detailed

July 9, 2007
MIS Implants Technologies Inc. to distribute antimicrobial.

MIS Implants Technologies Inc. is now the exclusive distributor of PerioChip (2.5 mg chlorhexidine gluconate) in the United States.

PerioChip is a locally applied antimicrobial indicated to reduce pocket depth as an adjunct to SRP or as part of a periodontal maintenance program. PerioChip is the only FDA-approved LAA that is non-antibiotic and bactericidal.

It is safe for repeat use and is the only LAA supported by a published, long-term (two-year) clinical study. It is easy to place and conveniently stored at room temperature.

For more information, call 1-866-PerioChip or visit PerioChip.