Airsonnet Airshower delivers clean room quality air quickly

June 2, 2004
The unit also purifies air in an entire room to levels of an industrial clean room several hours faster than most conventional air purifiers, depending on the square footage of the room.

A revolutionary new air purification system for the dental market that delivers "clean room" quality air directly to the breathing zone of an individual for maximum effect, relief and treatment is now available from Airsonett, Inc of Atlanta, Ga.

According to Airsonett, most conventional air purifiers continuously mix and re-purify air in an entire room before reaching an acceptable particle count. The patented Airsonett Airshower™ they said, delivers "clean room" quality air within three minutes after the unit begins operating with very little, if any, remixing and contamination of the surrounding air. The unit also purifies air in an entire room to levels of an industrial clean room several hours faster than most conventional air purifiers, depending on the square footage of the room, Airsonett noted.

Based on the principle of non-turbulent displacement, the unit has a very low insensitivity to disturbing affects such as doors slamming. Airflow from the self-contained unit descends slowly over an individual's head, creating a cone shaped zone of clean air approximately 3.0 feet in diameter.

Clean, slightly cooled air flows through a patented AirSon® Shower air supply nozzle in the front of the unit. At the same time, slightly warmed clean air flows through the back of the unit. Complete mobility and unique articulated neck design allows easy positioning close to the individual's head for maximum versatility and effect. Positioning can be up to 20 in. above the individual's head, with height of the unit adjustable from 56 in. to 75 in.

With the Airsonett Airshower™, at least 99.95 percent of all airborne particles greater than 0.3 micron are removed, including viruses, bacteria, mite pollution and pollen. Normal particle count in the clean air zone is 100 particles/ft3 or approximately 10 to 100 times less than most conventional air purifiers.

Quiet operation within a noise level of 33 dB (A) ¿ much less noise than a personal computer -- makes the unit ideal for bedroom or hospital use where a quiet environment is critical. Power consumption varies from 100 to 350 Watts, depending on cooling effect desired by the user.

The Airsonett Airshower™ comes with a five-year limited warranty and can be operated 24/7. Previously only available to industrial-type clean air facilities, the "clean room" air system is ideal for individual asthma, allergy or upper respiratory sufferers, individuals with sleep disorders, patients in hospitals who need to be protected from airborne infection and treatment for chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

"No other products available to the dental market gives an individual 'clean room' air quality, except for very expensive hospital solutions, industrial clean air or oxygen masks," said David Spinda, National Sales Manager for Airsonett, Inc. "With this air purification system, within a very short period of time a patient feels cooled and refreshed, an indication that he or she is breathing clean, contaminant-free air."

Airsonett Airshower™ Described
The Airsonett Airshower™ consists of a AirSon Shower™ air supply discharge nozzle, a patented fine filter and a pre-ionizing chamber that results in HEPA-type filtration, a silent fan motor, an air cooler element and an electric module with control panel.

The flow of clean air is split into two parts: one slightly cooled and the other slightly heated. The cooler air is cooled one or two degrees below room temperature and is discharged from a front discharger. Being slightly denser, it descends slowly, flushing contaminants away from the breathing zone down towards the floor and creating a zone of clean air quality around the individual's head. The velocity of the airflow is determined by the temperature differential between incoming and ambient air and can be adjusted by the user to a level that avoids any draft or chill.

The slightly heated purified air is discharged from a rear discharger, with air rising slowly towards the ceiling where it spreads and then slowly descends without turbulent remixing as it cools, carrying with it suspended air particles.
Total air flow is approximately 8,700 ft3/hr. Contaminated air is drawn into the intake located underneath the air shower and purified.

The slat-rolled particle filter is a modified polypropylene mixture that negatively charges incoming airborne particles as they enter the ionization chamber. These particles become trapped on the filter media. For maximum tightness and strength, the filter media is mounted in wax. Improved filtration capabilities assure a low pressure drop and no ozone emission.

A filter monitoring light tells the user when the filter has to be changed, normally once every six months. Maintenance is easy and takes less than two minutes. A combined gas and particle filter is optional.

Controls allow regulation of the volume of airflow and power desired. A memory function starts the unit at the last selected power setting. The chassis of the unit consists of beige-coated aluminum plate for durability. The neutral color of the unit matches the décor of most rooms.

Dimensions of the unit are 23 in. wide x 16 in. at the base to an adjustable height from 56 in. to 75 in. to meet individual preferences. Weight of the unit is 66 lbs. Airsonett's production and development is certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) since June 2001.

Airsonett is a sister company of AirSon AB of Angelholm, Sweden and is involved in medical sales. Founded in 1981, AirSon is a leading provider of industrial "clean room" technology to leading companies such as Ericsson and Volvo. Airsonett was formed in Sweden in 2001.

For more information, contact Airsonett at 11192 Big Canoe, Jasper, GA 30143-5102. Tel. is (706) 579-2226, FAX (706) 579-2227 and e-mail [email protected]. Airsonett can also be found on the web at