Company becomes authorized distributor for VELscope system

May 23, 2007
Becker Parkin Dental Supply inks distribution agreement with system manufacturer.

NEW YORK, New York--Becker Parkin Dental Supply has announced that it recently signed a distribution agreement with LED Dental, Inc., manufacturer of the new VELscope system.

Barry Salzman, president of Becker Parkin said, "The VELscope system is quickly becoming the standard of care for the detection of oral cancer in the dental office. We are proud to be able to provide this unique, effective, and cost-efficient tool to our customer's to assist them in the detection and treatment of oral cancer."

"VELscope is an FDA approved product that can detect lesions even before they are visible to the naked eye," Salzman added. "From our customer's perspective, it's affordable to acquire and incorporate into their practice and the cost per patient is extremely reasonable. But, most importantly, VELscope will help dentists provide enhanced patient care in the treatment of this deadly disease."

VELscope's management and staff will be participating at the Becker Parkin national sales meeting next month to train the entire Becker Parkin sales force on the features and benefits of this revolutionary new product.

For more information, contact Bryan Shields at (530) 757-1591, ext. 200, or [email protected].