Gauze helps dentists stop bleeding instantly

Feb. 3, 2006
New hemostatic gauze is inexpensive and easy to use while creating a protective barrier over the affected area.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Whether pulling impacted wisdom teeth or performing a gum graft surgery, bleeding in the mouth is a common problem for general dentists and specialists.

In order to control bleeding immediately, many dentists are turning to BloodSTOP EX hemostatic gauze by LifeScience PLUS. Less expensive and easier to use than other products, BloodSTOP and BloodSTOP EX hemostatic gauze stops bleeding instantly and creates a protective barrier over the affected area.

BloodSTOP EX works by speeding coagulation, expanding to form an odorless and tasteless gel that adheres to the surface and applies pressure to seal the wound. Made from biologically inert, natural regenerated cellulose, BloodSTOP interacts with blood platelets and fibrin to form a gelatinous clear shield to create a gentle backpressure and seal the wound.

Dentists are successfully using BloodSTOP EX hemostatic gauze to stop extreme bleeding during extractions and other surgical procedures.

"BloodSTOP EX totally dissolves in water," said Reginal Proctor, vice president of marketing for LifeScience PLUS. "This makes it much less of a foreign body and much easier to remove."

Environmentally friendly, BloodSTOP controls bleeding 80 percent faster than traditional cotton gauze and pressure techniques. Easily removable with water or saline, the hemostatic gauze can be cut to fit individual wounds while multiple layers will handle heavier bleeding areas.

The gauze is also transparent, which makes it cosmetically pleasing and simple to monitor the healing process. BloodSTOP can also be used safely on those with special circumstances, including smokers and hemophiliacs along with patients taking anticoagulation medications.