Henry Schein Total Mouth

Nov. 29, 2011
Wellness and education system informs patients of the integral link between oral health and total health, and assists dental team members in uncovering potential health problems.

MELVILLE, New York--Henry Schein, a provider of health-care products and services to office-based practitioners, has announced launch of a Total Health Beyond the Mouth program.

Total Health Beyond the Mouth is an integrated wellness and education program that informs patients of the integral link between oral health and total health, and assists dental professionals in uncovering potential systemic health problems. This includes periodontal disease, oral cancer, sleep disorders, heart disease, and diabetes.

Henry Schein Dental's Total Health Beyond the Mouth program was developed in collaboration with the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, an organization of health-care leaders and health professionals dedicated to the relationship of oral health and whole body health.

Henry Schein Dental's Total Health Beyond the Mouth includes the Total Health Checklist, which--together with screening and diagnostics--assists dental professionals in assessing patients' oral health, its impact on their total health, and uncovering health problems.

After completing the checklist, patients are given the Total Health Brochure, an educational tool about the relationship between oral health and total health, the significance of periodontal disease, and the close links between other health conditions and oral health. If any potential issues are uncovered through the dental team's review of the checklist, a patient is provided with a laminated Total Health Patient Guide in preparation for a health discussion following treatment. This includes a discussion of further screening and treatment options.

For example, should a potential case of sleep apnea be uncovered through the Total Health process, further screening and treatment could include Henry Schein Sleep Complete, a solution that delivers information and products for implementation of dental sleep medicine in the dental practice.

"The strong link between oral health and overall health is becoming increasingly recognized, and it is clear that preventative oral health care is an essential building block to one's health and well-being," said Tim Sullivan, president of Henry Schein Dental.

"Our Total Health Beyond the Mouth program not only provides a helpful tool in assisting dental professionals in uncovering serious health problems and improving the overall health of their patients, but it also educates patients about the oral-systemic connection, invigorates the dental practice with new wellness services, and reinforces the value of preventative and regular oral care."

Patients can visit dentists for sleep apnea treatment, monitoring

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 78% of adults have some form of periodontal disease. Only 3% of adults with periodontal disease seek treatment, according to the American Academy of Periodontology.

The Journal of Periodontology notes that an investment in preventative periodontal health saves patients money in the long run, with health care costs for patients with severe periodontal disease 21% higher on average than for those for patients without periodontal disease.

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