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3M Unitek announces AlastiK Lingual Ligatures for the Incognito Appliance System

March 13, 2015
New ligatures and product improvements increase efficiency and patient comfort.
3M Unitek announces the launch of AlastiK Lingual Ligatures, the first ligatures specifically designed for theIncognito Appliance System. Enabling faster and easier ligation, AlastiK Lingual Ligatures are the latest in a series of upgrades to the Incognito System, including Incognito Clear Precision Trays and customization for the Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device. Together, these improvements maximize ease of use, efficiency, and patient comfort during lingual treatment.

Available in March, new AlastiK Lingual Ligatures improve ease of lingual bracket ligation while exhibiting the same wire fixation and force as an overtie. The design means wire changes can be accomplished more than 20% faster than with current techniques, and the ligatures are shown to break less than commonly used chains during installation and between appointments. When used as plain ties, AlastiK Lingual Ligatures apply similar tip control compared to overties with powerchain and without compromising patient comfort.

“AlastiK Lingual Ligatures are far better and easier to work with than any of the previously recommended tie methods,” said Dr. Tom Hall of Houston, Texas. “Our staff loves the simplified placement and easy handling with the convenient tab, and patients comment on the innovative design.”

AlastiK Lingual Ligatures will be launched at the International Incognito Appliance System Users Meeting in Orlando, Florida, from March 13-14, 2015, where orthodontists from around the globe will gather for advanced education in lingual treatment. Attendees will share clinical experiences, best practices, and success stories with the Incognito System.

"The AlastiK Lingual Ligatures provide our Incognito Appliance System customers with an exciting new option for ligation, offering proven ease of use and faster wire changes than with current ligation techniques," said Brian Anderson, 3M Unitek global brand manager for digital and lingualorthodontics. "The new ligatures are yet another step forward in our ongoing innovation of the Incognito Appliance System."

Other recent improvements to the Incognito Appliance System enable more accurate bracket positioning and customized Class II correction:

Incognito Clear Precision Trays are manufactured from digital data used for bracket design, resulting in improved deviation compared to trays using manual positioning. The trays also allow for easy visual control during the bonding process and can be cut and used for accurately replacing individual brackets.

• A lower arch attachment for the Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device and a special archwire sequence (available with either Forsus EZ2 or L-pin Modules) efficiently simplifies installation, reduces chair time, and provides effective Class II correction that is 100% customized for the patient.

For more information on upgrades to the Incognito Appliance System, visit Customers can also contact their local 3M Unitek Sales representatives or the Incognito Customer Care Team at (800) 401-3001.