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Oct. 1, 2005
Orascoptic Zeon LED headlight

New Zeon® LED portable headlight for loupes

Orascoptic® introduces a new portable “high-definition” light system. The new Zeon LED Portable light emits an even brighter and whiter light than a standard halogen portable system. It provides up to 2,200 foot candles of power. Combine this with an Orascoptic high-definition Loupe - HiRes or HiRes Plus - for maximum visual acuity and depth-of-field. Now you can combine freedom of movement in your operating space with a high-quality portable light option.

Orascoptic’s new Zeon LED portable light system boasts six intensity settings to prevent premature composite cures, and up to a brilliant 2,200 foot candles of illumination. Ultra-lightweight construction ensures comfort. Call (800) 369-3698.
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The tiny battery is approximately 3 x 3 x 1.5 inches and mounts easily to your belt in a nylon protective casing. The bezel weighs in at a minimal 20 grams (.07 oz.), adding virtually no weight to your loupe system. Dial the light to your choice of six intensity levels to prevent premature composite cures.

Experience Orascoptic’s Superior Visualization Systems. Call (800) 369-3698 or visit to set an appointment with your Orascoptic rep.

ILUMA Flash Cone Beam CT Scanner

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IMTEC Imaging introduces ILUMA Flash Cone Beam CT Scanner. ILUMA is a high-resolution, low radiation-dose scanner marketed for availability and profitability. Upright patient positioning is comfortable for patients, and the scanner uses minimal physical office space. ILUMA’s innovative software package includes multi-layered facial surface imaging, treatment planning, and surgical simulation features. IMTEC Imaging places an ILUMA Scanner in the dental professional’s office, and the doctor pays for images as they are taken. “Pay-per-scan” agreements free up business capital while increasing successful case completion. Installation, maintenance, servicing, and upgrades are included in the “pay-per-scan” price.

For more details, call IMTEC Imaging at (866) ILUMACT (458-6228) or visit

Masel ball hooks and stops

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A complete selection of hooks and stops are offered by Masel. They feature a soft temper, burr-free finish, in crimpable and weldable styles. Fabricated from the finest quality stainless steel material, Masel is well-known for the wide selection that performs consistently, providing a secure anchor for elastics or springs. All are offered in the same slot sizes as brackets. Masel also features Grip-Tight Archwire Locks that are designed for all types of wire. They will prevent slippery nickel titanium from sliding out of the buccal tube. They are also used to retract or rotate teeth without welding. Also ideal for distalizing molars with Masel’s .045” distalizing coil springs.

For more information, call (800) 423-8227 or visit

Henry Schein Z-50 Brushless Handpiece

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The new Z-50 Brushless Handpiece features variable cutting speeds up to 50,000 rpm with ultra-high cutting power. This state-of-the-art system provides silent, high-torque performance and is virtually maintenance-free. A digital display and convenient hand and foot controls make for easy use. Strong construction ensures long-term reliability. The handpiece includes a one-year warranty.

For more information or to order, call Sullivan-Schein Dental at (800) 372-4346 or visit

Ivoclar Vivadent expands Optra® line

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Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. adds two new products to its Optra Accessories product line - OptraGate Jr.® and OptraPol®. OptraGate Jr. is a smaller version of the OptraGate® lip and cheek retractor that is specifically designed for use when treating children and younger patients. Like the original OptraGate latex-free lip and cheek retractor sizes, OptraGate Jr. offers patient comfort, flexibility, and access to a larger working area. Similarly, OptraPol composite polishers enhance the functionality of the product line by enabling clinicians to achieve a high-gloss surface finish of composite restorations in only one working step, without the need for exchanging instruments or using polishing pastes. OptraPol enables clinicians to impart a perfect luster to their composite restorations and helps prevent excessive plaque accumulation. OptraPol is available in point, small point, cup, and disc shapes.

For more information, call (800) 533-6825 or e-mail [email protected].

New catalog from Ortho Technology

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Doctors and assistants will find product selection easy in this 132-page, full-color catalog showcasing the entire product line with thousands of product photos and illustrations. Ortho Technology is committed to provide your practice with the very best products possible. Several new products have been added - MiniStripper for interproximal reduction; 24k Gold Eruption Appliance; TruFlex De-Impacting and Separating Springs; Ortho Technology’s version of the McLaughlin, Bennett, and Trevisi prescription to its esthetic bracket lines and to its buccal tubes both bondable and weldable.

See why Ortho Technology is “The Logical Alternative.” Call (800) 999-3161 to request your copy or view it online at

L.E.Demetron II produces true 5-second cure

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The L.E.Demetron II incorporates Periodic Level Shifting (PLS), breakthrough technology that delivers a true 5-second cure for universal or lighter shades. With PLS, the L.E.Demetron II maintains an impressive baseline output of 1,200 mW/cm2 for ¾ of a second, then pulses to a peak of 1,600 mW/cm2 for ¼ second of each 1-second exposure. Demetron’s unique thermal control system ensures cool, continuous high output without overheating intrapulpal tissue. The handpiece never feels hot or shuts down. The L.E. Demetron II offers 5-, 10- and 20-second preset timer settings, timer mode recall, and built-in radiometer with actual mW/cm2 readings.

For more information, call (800) KERR123 or visit

New everStick®A&O glass fiber reinforcement

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Stick Tech Ltd. launches a new pre-impregnated glass fiber for orthodontic use. The new everStickA&O is indicated for passive orthodontic anchorage. An anchorage unit made of everStickA&O is bonded to teeth using an adhesive bonding technique, bonding perfectly to enamel. When you want to use an anchorage for tooth movement such as molar uprighting, incisor intrusion, or space closure, it’s easy to join the teeth even if they are not initially aligned. Bond tubes, brackets, or hooks directly onto the anchorage bar or unit to achieve any type of tooth movement.

everStickA&O is made from glass fibers in a polymer/resin gel matrix, combined to form an easy-to-handle, unidirectional fiber bundle. The bundle is both malleable and tacky - before polymerization - so it will closely adapt to the surface of teeth during placement. The IPN matrix structure also makes it possible to reactivate fiber surfaces, for example, during repair.

For more details, visit

Masel pliers with advanced corrosion resistance

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Masel reintroduces its 200 Series corrosion-resistant molybdenum-inserted cutters and pliers with a five-year warranty on tip wear and tear and a lifetime guarantee on forgings. Fabricated from 100-percent stainless steel, the 200 series pliers contain a very high percentage of chromium for corrosion resistance and high molybdenum content for toughness. Pliers can be dry-heat sterilized, autoclaved, or any other proper method of cleaning of choice without fear of rust or corrosion. The 200 series pliers are designed after Masel’s most popular and best-selling orthodontic instruments - the 600 Series inserted-tip pliers. The 200s include all their best features including solid stainless steel forgings and box-joint heads.

Masel offers a 30-day free trial on all new pliers and can be purchased or returned at end of trial period by either paying the invoice, or returning the pliers. For more information, call (800) 423-8227 or visit

VIOlight Travel toothbrush sanitizer

New VIOlight Travel provides on-the-go sanitizing protection. VIOlight technology uses a germicidal ultraviolet (UV) bulb to eliminate bacteria on toothbrushes. It has been laboratory tested and proven to eliminate up to 99.9% of germs.

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The sleek, tubular design of VIOlight Travel is unobtrusive and fits in any dopp kit, gym bag, cosmetics bag, suitcase, or briefcase. The unit holds a single toothbrush or electric toothbrush head and features a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. Simply place the toothbrush in the VIOlight Travel and push a button to begin sanitizing. After seven minutes, the unit shuts off, keeping the toothbrush bacteria-free until the next use. VIOlight Travel is available in premium catalogs, e-commerce sites, and retailers for $29.95. It also is available online through

For additional information, call Matthew R. Bautista at (917) 679-4993 or e-mail [email protected].

New anti-brux, anti-clench appliance

Masel announces the release of LBB, Lombardi Bionator Bite Appliance, a ready-to-go appliance that minimizes the negative effects of bruxing, clenching, and grinding that interfere with orthodontic treatment. Invented by Drew R. Lombardi, DMD, the LBB delivers what many retainers and custom appliances deliver - without impressions, wait, and cost. It will open the bite in deep-bite cases, protect occlusion, reduce breakage, and aid in the treatment of TMJ disorders and bruxism to facilitate tooth movement during ortho treatment.

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The one-piece, patent-pending appliance features a flexible channel design that fits loosely over anterior sextants, a flexible hinge that applies gentle pressure in opposite, bite-opening directions, and an anterior occlusal plane that provides protection for upper and lower anterior teeth. It includes a protective case and patient instructions.

For more information, call (800) 423-8227 or visit

Cosmedent for Kids offers new materials

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Cosmedent, Inc. introduces Cosmedent for Kids, a new product line designed to better serve the needs of pediatric dentists. Cosmedent for Kids is a division of Cosmedent that provides specialty dental materials to the pediatric market. New products include two new pit-and-fissure sealants, COSMESEAL-FILLED (the first microfill sealant) and COSMESEAL-CLEAR (a new unfilled sealant), three specialized pediatric kits from Cosmedent’s top-rated Renamel Restorative System, and new primary tooth matrix bands.

To receive a Cosmedent for Kids brochure or to request more information, call (800) 621-6729 or visit

Crest launches Glide Deep Clean floss

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Open up and say “Wow!” The number-one recommended brand of floss just got cooler. New Crest Glide Deep Clean, formulated with special cooling sensates, adds a blast of minty freshness between teeth that can continue even after flossing. The cooling sensation also helps users know they’ve penetrated hard-to-reach areas. In addition, its micro-textured surface effectively grabs, lifts, and removes plaque. Deep Clean is fashioned from the same high-performance fiber found in GORE-TEX® that resists shredding and allows it to slide comfortably between the teeth and below the gumline.

Crest Glide Deep Clean is available at mass market retailers, priced from $3.49 to 3.99. Visit for more information.

Plak Smacker introduces new catalog

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Plak Smacker is offering its new product catalog, featuring a diverse line of oral-care products focused on the patient experience. With exciting new products, such as the children’s Suction Cup Toothbrush and the Vanilla Orange Flavored Exam Gloves, Plak Smacker now features more than 300 products designed for child, teen, and adult patients. Plak Smacker also offers a complete line of practice-building products with several imprintable items designed to set your practice apart. Call for a free catalog to learn about Plak Smacker’s specialized product offerings in the orthodontic and pedodontic market, as well as general oral health care products, at a great value.

For more details or to request a catalog, call (800) 558-6684, or view the online catalog at

New Inlay/Onlay Styx replacement tips

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Inlay/Onlay Styx tips by Cosmetic Innovations, Inc. are interchangeable with the Veneer Styx veneer positioning tips, and are ideal for seating inlays, onlays, and posterior ceramic crowns during both try-in and cementation. The Inlay/Onlay Styx tip, designed to fit any occlusal groove, holds the restoration securely within the tooth during try-in, while the contacts are checked with floss. The Inlay/Onlay Styx tip enables you to seat restorations with a gentle and even distribution of pressure while enhancing your vision during placement. The tips of the Inlay/Onlay Styx rotate for approaching the restoration from different angles, maintaining clear visibility and accessibility for the light source.

For more details, call (877) 3-VENEER or visit