Ormco introduces dental bracket system

July 16, 2013
Ormco unveils industry’s first passive self-ligation lingual system

ORANGE, Calif. — Ormco Corporation, which provides advanced orthodontic technology and services, announced its Alias™ Lingual Bracket System, the industry’s first passive self-ligating lingual appliance. The esthetic solution was designed with two world-renowned lingual practitioners — Drs. Giuseppe Scuzzo and Kyoto Takemoto — to use light forces, provide excellent 3-D control, and facilitate easy, fast, and comfortable wire changes.

“Alias Lingual is an optimal solution for meeting patient demand for practically invisible treatment, while giving doctors the high-level control and ease of treatment they expect with a fixed appliance,” said Vicente Reynal, president of Ormco. “With Alias Lingual Bracket System, we’re not only introducing the world’s first passive self-ligation lingual system, but we’re opening the door to treat patients with an esthetic lingual bracket system that employs advanced technology to reduce friction and increase ease of use, while increasing patient comfort with a low profile design.”


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With passive self-ligating technology, the Alias Lingual Bracket System features easy-to-open and close brackets for faster and more comfortable wire changes. The brackets have a .018 vertical square slot to keep the archwire properly engaged for more precise treatment and greater rotational and torque control.

Gingivally offset positioning, combined with the system’s straight wire mechanics, allow Alias brackets to be positioned closer to the lingual tooth surface. This bonding approach — closer to the gingival margin — minimizes premature occlusal contacts between the maxillary anterior brackets and mandibular anterior teeth. Ormco’s new system marries esthetics with cutting-edge technology, giving leading clinicians a high-quality treatment option.

Interested orthodontists can order indirect bonding through AOA Labs, the lab appliance division of Ormco, or call an Ormco sales representative 800-854-1741. Connect on Facebook at www.facebook.com/InsigniaSmile and facebook.com/damonsystembraces, or Twitter at @Ormco.