Hygienist honored at Yankee Dental Congress

March 31, 2006
Rita Johnson lauded by colleagues for training of dental auxiliaries.

In January, Rita J. Johnson, RDH, BS, MBA, co-founder of Dynamic Dental Seminars and Consulting Services, was honored with an award by the Yankee Dental Congress for her selfless contributions to the education of thousands of dental auxiliaries nationwide. The Yankee Dental Congress is an annual conference of dental professionals in New England.

Grateful former students and colleagues recognized Johnson for her singular accomplishments during the post-convention luncheon at the Westin Hotel in Boston.

Johnson has lectured extensively for decades on various topics, including infection control, dental radiology, orthodontic materials and assisting, and visionary dental procedures. Her expertise in the specialty of orthodontic auxiliary education is renowned.

Johnson is a former professor of dental science at Middlesex Community College, where she taught for 17 years and received the Outstanding Faculty Recognition Award in 1997.

In addition to her vast experience in dental auxiliary education — including lecturing at Middlesex Community College, Tufts, and Harvard dental schools — Johnson is an associate and treatment coordinator in the private practice of Dr. Vincent De Angelis of Medford, associate clinical professor of orthodontics at Harvard University. Johnson has served with distinction in this capacity for more than three decades and plays a vital role in the success of the practice.